Alex Hacke with Frieder Butzmann

(Berlin 1980-July 1981)


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Official recordings of the Alex Hacke with Frieder Butzmann. 
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Regular releases


Butzmann: Vertrauensmann -front VERTRAUENSMANN DES VOLKES (LP)

Tracklist: Geflüster/ Arbeitslied/ Die kleine Tiere/ Ballo Ballo/ New Life/ Hibakuschas/ Verletzter Buddha/ Sadismus & Konkurrenz/ Tonights Musik// Tonights Musik/ Zivilisation(*)/ CFMC/ Just Drifting-Tales of Death.

Recording info: Recorded @ B-studio of the Musikschule Wilmersdorf, Berlin in July 1981. Mixed by Gerd Blum.

Notes: (*) with Alex Hacke scratching the piano strings. Genesis P-Orridge vocals on "Just Drifting".

  • Zensor -02 (GE,Dec-81)
  • 90% Wasser -WVINYL 002 (GE,Jan-02) Blue vinyl. Ltd. to 330 copies.
  • 90% Wasser -WVINYL 002 (GE,Jan-03) White vinyl. Ltd. to 150 copies.

Butzmann: Vertrauensmann -back

Alex Hacke - Discography

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