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Discography: a chronological overview of the work of German artist Alex Hacke.
His work with Einstürzende Neubauten is listed seperately. 
His work with Crime and the City Solution is listed seperately.


Hacke on Korg (1978) Blässe (1979) Mekanik Destrüktiw Kommandöh (1979)

In late 1978 Alex tours Germany with his MS 20 Korg synthesiser and performs together with a New York female performance artist. In 2002 he does a handful of German dates as "Hacke on Korg". No official releases.

Founded in Berlin in September 1979 (when Alex was still attending school) by Selcuk, Stefan and Alex Hacke. Alex joins for live concerts mainly in Berlin and remains in the band for less than a year. A new version of the band, operating from Düsseldorf, only recorded after Alex had already left. Discography.

Founded in Berlin in September 1979 by Volker Hauptvogel and Edgar Domin. Alex joins (on drums) and remains with the band as guitarist (on and off) until late 1981. The band has many line-ups and remained active until January 1983. The discography contains mainly recordings made when Alex wasn't in the band.

P1/E (1980) Sentimentale Jugend (1980) with Frieder Butzmann (1980)

Founded in Berlin in November 1979. Alex (on drums & synth) joins Ute Droste, Michael Schäumer, Michael Hirsch and Thomas Voburka. The band is active until the Summer of 1981. Discography.

Alex's first own project. He is later joined by Christiane F. Founded in Berlin in January 1980 and active until October 1981. Discography.

Alex's collaboration with Frieder Butzmann starts in Berlin in April 1980 and lasts until November 1982. They record one album in July 1981 in Berlin. The discography contains their only joint recording.

Alexander von Borsig (1981) Sprung aus den Wolken (1981) with Mona Mur (1982)

Alex's second own project starts in the Summer of 1981 in Berlin and remained active until March 1984. Discography.

Founded in Berlin in December 1980 by Kiddy Citny,Alex Hacke and Jochen Arbeit. The band remained active in various incarnations until 1991. Alex co-operated (on and off) with the band until mid 1989.

Founded in Hamburg in January 1982. Alex joins Mona Mur, Gode Bushkuehl, FM Einheit and Mark Chung. Alex collaborates with Mona Mur until January 1986. The discography focusses on Alex's period with the band.

Christiane F. band (1982) Producing/Guest/Solo (1985) Jever Mountain Boys (1991)

Another Hamburg based project with Christiane F. (a.k.a. X), FM Einheit, Mona Mur and Alex Dill. Active throughout 1982. The discography also contains the recordings without Alex.

All Alex Hacke's production work, collaborations, guest appearances and solo stuff not listed anywhere else. From 1985 to date.

Country band founded in Berlin in late 1991 with Jochen Arbeit, Michael 'Rumme' Beck, Roland Wolf and Moritz Wolpert. The band remained active (mainly in Berlin) until Roland's death in 1995.

with Die Haut (1992) with Gianna Nannini (1994) with Meret Becker (1995)

Alex joined this Berlin based band for their live 10th Anniversary tour in August 1992 and performed with them occassionally until April 1997. Core line-up during that period was Christoph Dreher,Rainer Lingk, Jochen Arbeit and Thomas Wydler (later replaced by Rudi Moser). No official releases for Alex's period with the band.

Alex joins Italian singer Gianni Nannini for her Italian tour in May 1994 and records an album with her in 1995, which is followed by another Italian tour in September 1995. The discography is limited to this album.

Alex joined Meret Becker (then his wife) with Moritz Wolpert and Thomas Stern in September 1995. His involvement ended around July 2001. The discography only shows releases to which Alex collaborated.

FM Einheit's Marstall Project (2000) Kunst und König project (2000) Purgatory/Sanctuary (2001)

FM Einheit's live recording project open to the general public @ München's Marstall Media Lab during the whole month of February 2000.

Berlin art club/music/performance project with Danielle de Picciotto. From 2000 until September 2003.

Alex Hacke's world wide 'road'-record and concert series. Started in April 2001 and ending in 2007.

Bada Bing! project (2003) No Ensemble (2003) with Baba Zula (2004)

Extravangaza events hosted by Alex Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto. No official releases.

Berlin rhythm ensemble with Zeitblom and Rudy Moser. Started in October 2003 and currently limited to a handful of concerts.

Alex Hacke's involvement with Baba Zula and the Turkish music scene as a result of his collaboration in "Crossing The Bridge", a film by Fatih Akin.

with The Tiger Lillies (2005) The History of Electricity (2006) Ship Of Fools/Das Narrenschiff (2007)

A collaboration with UK band The Tiger Lillies, that lasted until August 2007.

A multimedia performance by Danielle de Picciotto (visuals) and Alexander Hacke (MS-20 Korg), performed live 9 times between 2006-2009.

A multimedia performance by Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke, based upon on the novel (published in 1458) by Sebastian Brandt. From summer 2007 until December 2009.

Hitman's Heel (2010) The Beauty of Transgression (2011) Glasshouse (2012)

A multimedia performance by Alex, Danielle and drummer Chris Hughes [Hugo Race & the True Spirit], and later Algis Kizys and Vinnie Signorelli [both Swans]. Between 2010-2011.

A multimedia performance by Alex Hacke (music soundscapes) and Danielle de Picciotto (reading/video). Twenty live dates between 2011-2012.

A US based project. An experimental movie about Danielle last night in NYC in 1987 just before she moved to Berlin, accompanied by a live soundtrack. Performed live at 9 cities, with 5 different line-ups.

We Are Gypsies Now (2013) with Wrekmeister Harmonies (2013) Ministry Of Wolves/Rep.der Wölfe ('13)

A multi-media reading performance by Danielle de Picciotto (reading from her graphic novel "We Are All Gypsies") accompanied by Alex Hacke (music soundscapes).

Alex's collaboration with JR Robinson and Chris Brokaw [Come, DirtMusic].

Collaboration between Alexander Hacke, Mick Harvey [Bad Seeds], Paul Wallfisch [Botanica] and Danielle de Picciotto. Based on the writings of the Brothers Grimm, in particular Anne Sexton’s "Transformations".

Perseverantia (2014) ... ...

A multi-media music performance by Danielle de Picciotto and Alex Hacke.

Film and TV work (1982) Plays for Theatre & Radio (1995) Various collaborations (1989)

All soundtrack work and acting in films from December 1982 to date.

All plays for theatre and radio, mainly in collaboration with Andreas Ammer,FM Einheit and Ulrike Haage. From August 1995 till 2001.

All collaborations not listed elsewhere.


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