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Rowland S.Howard:
Collaborations & Guest appearances

(1983- 2006)

Discography: a chronological overview of all record releases. 
Official and unauthorized recordings of Rowland S.Howard's Collaborations & Guest appearances
Compilations with non-exclusive tracks are not listed. 

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Regular releases


I Discover Love -front I DISCOVER LOVE - SINGLE (7"/12")

Tracklist: I Discover Love/ Lemming Stomp (aka Lemmings On Lovers' Rock).

Recording info: Recorded @ The Garden Studio, London (UK) during July/August 1983. Engineered by Gareth Jones (side 1) and Steve Steve McNeill (side 2). Produced by Frank Tovey.

Note: "Lemming Stomp" (instrumental) seems an outtake from the "Gag" album using the bass from "Ideal World". Rowland S.Howard also joins Fad Gadget's 'Big band' at their 2 support gigs for Siouxsie & The Banshees @ the Royal Albert Hall on 30-Sep-83 and 01-Oct-83.

Line-up: Frank Tovey (vocals)/ Joni Sackett (vocals)/ David Rogers (double bass)/ David Simmonds (piano) and Nicholas Cash [pragVEC] (drums), with guests: Rowland S.Howard (guitar)/ Simon Gardiner (brass)/ Daryl Williams and Eddie Carnihan.

  • Mute Records -7 MUTE 028 (UK,05-Sep-83) 7"
  • Mute Records -12 MUTE 028 (UK,05-Sep-83) 12"
  • Mute/Powderworks -POWT 0160 (AU,1983) 12"
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Gag -front GAG (LP/CD/CS)

Tracklist: Ideal World (*)/ Collapsing New People/ Sleep/ Stand Up/ Speak To Me// One Man´s Meat/ The Ring/ Jump/ Ad Nauseam (*).

Recording info: Recorded and mixed @ Hansa Tonstudios, Berlin (DE) during November 1983. Engineered by Gareth Jones. Produced by Frank Tovey and Gareth Jones. Overdubs for Ideal World (*) and Ad Nauseam (*) recorded @ Blackwing Studios, London (UK) during November 1983. Engineered by John Fryer.

Line-up: Frank Tovey (vocals)/ Joni Sackett (vocals, viola)/ David Rogers (double bass, bass synth, guitar)/ David Simmonds (piano, synths, organ) and Nicholas Cash [pragVEC] (drums, percussion), with guest: Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on (*).

  • Mute Records -STUMM 15 (UK,01-Feb-84) LP
  • Mute/Powderworks Records -POW 6073 (AU,1984) LP
  • Mute Records -CDSTUMM15 (UK,1991) CD
  • Mute/WEA Records -61070-2 (US,1991) CD
Gag -back


A short walk -front A SHORT WALK ON A LONG PIER (CS/LP/CD)

Tracklist: Pre-Show In Holland/ Standing Still/ Talking To Fool-Alienation(*)/ Do It Alone/ Bus Driver/ JCC/ The Balls Are In Your Court/ What A Gal/ Be Very Quiet// Olivia/ Madonna/ Bullshitting With The Friendly Dutch/ Football/ Barefoot & Pregnant/ A Friend To All Women/ The Cliff/ It's All Rock'N'Roll/ Live On Dutch Radio.

Recording info: Spoken word shows recorded live @ Baton Rouge on 23-Sep-85; @ the Danceteria, New York City on 05-Oct-85; @ Denver on 14-Oct-85; @ the Lhasa Club, Hollywood on 19-Oct-85; @ the Back Door, Denver on 23-Oct-85; @ the Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL) on 13-Nov-85. Engineered by Ethan James @ Radio Tokyo Studios, Venice. Produced by Ratman and Henry Rollins.

Note: Rowland S.Howard and Chris Haskett [Rollins Band] add guitar to "Alienation". Recorded in studio in the UK during May 1984.

  • Illiterati Press (US,1986) CS. Ltd. to 1,000.
  • 2.13.61 Press (US,May-89) CS
  • Lone Wolf Records -LWR007C (CA,May-89) CS
  • Lone Wolf Records -LWR007 (CA,May-89) LP
  • 2.13.61 Records -213CD1105 (US,21-Mar-06) CD. Paired with "Big Ugly Mouth"
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Kicking Against The Pricks -front KICKING AGAINST THE PRICKS (LP/CD)

Tracklist: Muddy Water/ I'm Gonna Kill That Woman / Sleeping Annaleah/ Long Black Veil/ Hey Joe/ The Singer// All Tomorrow's Parties/ By The Time I Get To Phoenix/ The Hammer Song/ Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart/ Jesus Met The Woman At The Well/ The Carnival Is Over.

Recording info: Recorded @ the A.A.V. Studios and Richmond Recorders, Melbourne (AU) between November/December 1985. Engineered by Tony Cohen.

Note: Rowland S.Howard contributes vocals to "All Tomorrow's Parties" and organ/guitar to "By The Time I Get To Phoenix". Rowland was as the time member of Crime and the City Solution who were touring Australia from December '85 to January '86.

  • Mute Records -STUMM 28 (UK,08-Aug-86) LP
  • Mute/Possum Records (AU,1986) LP
  • Mute Records -CD STUMM 28 (UK,1988) CD
  • Mushroom Records -MUSH32259.2 (AU,1988) CD
Kicking Against The Pricks -back


Time Was -front TIME WAS (7"/12")

Tracklist: Time Was [Canned Heat]/ Some Thing.

Recording info: Recorded @ Worldwide Studios, London (UK) 1987. Mixed @ Blackwing Studios, London (UK) 1987. Engineered and mixed by John Fryer. Produced by Paul Kendall.

Line-up: Angela Conway (vocals)/ Bruce Gilbert [Wire], with guests Rowland S.Howard (guitar) and Barry Adamson (bass).

Note: Angela Conway would move on to become a music video producers, making videos for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ("The Weeping Song", "(Are you) The One I've Been Waiting For?"), Barry Adamson ("The Man With The Golden Arm", "These Boots Are Made For Walking"), Gudrun Gut, Blixa Bargeld, Anita Lane etc...

  • Mute Records -MUTE 70 (UK,25-Jan-88) 7"
  • Mute Records -12 MUTE 70 (UK,25-Jan-88) 7"
Time Was -back


Moss Side Story -front MOSS SIDE STORY (CD)

Tracklist:Act One- The Ring's The Thing: On The Wrong Side Of Relaxation/ Under Wraps/ Central Control/ Round Up The Usual Suspects/ Act Two- Real Deep Cool: Sounds From The Big House/ Suck On The Honey Of Love/ Everything Happens To Me/ The Swinging Detective/ Act Three- The Final Irony: Autodestruction/ Intensive Care/ The Most Beautiful Girl In The World/ Free At Last/ Act Four- For Your Ears Only: Alfred Hitchcock Presents/ Chocolate Milk Shake/ The Man With The Golden Arm.

Recording info: Recorded @ Worldwide Studios, London (UK) 1988. Engineered by Paul Kendall. Mixed by John Fryer and Paul Kendall.

Line-up: Barry Adamson (all other instruments, string arrangements, treatments, samples), with guests (a.o.) Seamus Beaghen, Audrey Riley, Diamanda Galás, Marcia Schofield, Annie Hogan, Billy McGee, Anita Lane, Jessamy Calkin, Katy Beale, Kid Congo Powers, Mick Harvey and Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on "Autodestruction".

  • Mute Records -CD STUMM 53 (UK,Mar-89)
Moss Side Story -back


Waldsterben -front WALDSTERBEN (DL)

Tracklist: Waldsterben/ Dry, Dry Land.

Recording info: Recorded in Melbourne late 1988. Engineered and produced by Dale Chant.

Note: "Waldsterben" available on Ron Rude's Soundcloud channel.

Line-up: Ron Rude (vocals,piano)/ Phil Complete (bass,backing vocal) and Nightvid Viper (rhythm guitar,backing vocal), with Rowland S.Howard (guitar).

  • Unreleased (AU,-)


These Boots -front THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING (7"/12"/CDS)

Tracklist:These Boots Are Made For Walking (7"/album Version)(*)/ These Boots Are Made For Walking (The Bonnie Floats On Airwair Mix)(*)/ Go Johnny/ These Boots Are Made For Walking (Sleepwalking Mix).

Recording info: Recorded @ Worldwide Studios, London (UK) 1990. Engineered by Paul Kendall. Mixed and produced by Barry Adamson and Paul Kendall. "The Bonnie Floats On Airwair Mix" engineered/produced/mixed by Holger Hiller and Karl Bonnie; "Sleepwalking Mix" engineered/produced/mixed by Simon Duffy and John Waddell.

Note: From the film soundtrack "Delusion".

Line-up: Barry Adamson (all other instruments, string arrangements, treatments, samples), with guests Anita Lane (vocals) on "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on (*).

  • Mute Records -MUTE 119 (UK,Jul-91) 7"
  • Mute Records -12 MUTE 119 (UK,Jul-91) 12"
  • Mute Records -CD MUTE 119 (UK,Jul-91) CDS
These Boots -back


Delusion -front DELUSION (LP/CD/CS)

Tracklist: Delusion/ Crossin The Line/ Il Soltario/ Patti's Theme/ A Settlin' Kinda Scam/ Fish Face/ Go Johnny/ The Life We Leave Behind/ An Amendment/ La Cucaracha/ Diamonds/ George's Downfall/ Got To Bet To Win/ The Track With No Name/ Patti's Theme (Two Stage Variation)/ Death Valley Junction/ These Boots Are Made For Walking.

Recording info: Recorded @ Worldwide Studios, London (UK) 1990. Engineered by Paul Kendall. Mixed and produced by Barry Adamson and Paul Kendall.

Line-up: Barry Adamson (all other instruments, treatments, samples), with guests Anita Lane (vocals) on "These Boots Are Made For Walking"/"Death Valley Junction" and Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on "These Boots Are Made For Walking".

  • Mute Records -IONIC 4 (UK,Aug-91) LP
  • Mute Records -IONIC 4CD (UK,Aug-91) CD
  • Mute Records -IONIC 4C (UK,Aug-91) CS
  • Mute/Electra -9 61127-2 (US,1991) CD
Delusion -back


Rise Above -front RISE ABOVE (LP/CD)

Tracklist: Fallen Down/ Farmer's Daughter/ Ruthless/ Everybody Else Is Wrong/ I Feel Good/ Big Apple Graveyard// I Don't Know/ Meet Me On The Beach(*)/ Sad Song(*)/ She Sleeps Alone/ Love Fucks You Up/ Wild Situation(*)/ She Sleeps Alone.

Recording info: Recorded @ Squirrel Studio (aka Wake The Dead Studios), London (UK) April 1992. Engineered by Victor Van Vugt. Produced by Epic Soundtracks and Victor Van Vugt. Recorded @ Fun City Studios, New York City (US) May 1991. Engineered by Wharton Tiers.

Note: "Wake The Dead was a tiny room with a closet sized recording space. It was cheap! The whole record cost GBP 2,000 to make, maybe GBP4,000 but that was for everything!" Victor Van Vugt as quoted in the liner notes for the Troubadour re-release.

Line-up: Epic Soundtracks (vocals,piano,organ,guitar,drums)/ Martyn P.Casey [Bad Seeds] (bass)/ Anthony Thistlethwaite [The Waterboys] (sax), with guests Judy Anderson (cello)/ Liz Corcoran (violin)/ Kim Gordon (vocals)/ J. Mascis (drums)/ Lee Ranaldo (guitar) and Rowland S.Howard (slide/lead guitar) on (*).

  • Rough Trade Records -R2931 (UK,1992) LP
  • Rough Trade Records -R2932 (UK,1992) CD
  • Bar/None Records -AHAON-0029-2 (US,1992) CD
  • Rough Trade Records -TDCN-5011 (JP,1992) CD
  • TroubadourRecords -TRBCD035 (UK,30-Oct-15) 2CD. With demo disc.
  • Mapache Records -MAPANC0001 (UK,2015) LP
Rise Above -back


Let Love In -front LET LOVE IN (CD/LP)

Tracklist: Do You Love Me?(*)/ Nobody's Baby Now/ Loverman/ Jangling Jack/ Red Right Hand/ I Let Love In/ Thirsty Dog/ Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore/ Lay Me Low/ Do You Love Me? (Part 2).

Recording info: "Do You Love Me?" (with Rowland S.Howard and Tex Perkins doing backing vocals) recorded @ (Pete Townshend's) Townhouse III Studio, London-Eel Pie Island 31-Aug-93/12-Sep-93. Engineered by Tony Cohen and Giles Cowley. Produced by Tony Cohen and the Bad Seeds.

Note: In the spring of 1993, Rowland S.Howard and James Johnston [Gallon Drunk] helped out Nick to record demos (among others "Thirsty Dog") for the album @ the Garden of Eden studio, London. Engineered by Victor Van Vugt.

  • Mute Records -CD STUMM 123 (UK,18-Apr-94) CD
  • Mute Records -STUMM 123 (UK,18-Apr-94) LP
Let Love In -back


Rumour of death -front RUMOUR OF DEATH (CD)

Tracklist: Slamming on the Brakes #2(*)/ Run With It/ Who's Side Are You On/ Selfish/ Underclass/ Jet Boy, Jet Girl(*)/ The World's Got Everything In It/ Missing/ Where's Your Soul?/ Devil Got My Woman/ Execution Day/ The Demon Cup.

Recording info: Recorded @ Atlantis Sound, Melbourne (AU), early 1994. Engineered/mixed/produced by Dave McCluney and Spencer P.Jones. Assistant engineer Craig Williamson [These Immortal Souls].

Note: Spencer P.Jones, Peter Jones and Craig Williamson are then also member of the These Immortal Souls live band. Brian Hooper [Beasts of Bourbon] in 1998 joins the Rowland S.Howard band.

Line-up: Spencer P.Jones (vocals, guitars)/ Brian Hooper (bass)/ Conway Savage [Bad Seeds] (piano,organ) and Peter Jones (drums), with guests: Warren Ellis [Dirty Three/Bad Seeds] (violin)/ Maurice Frawley (guitar)/ Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on (*)/ Charlie Owen (lap steel,guitar).

  • Red Eye Records -RED 41/523747 2 (AU,30-Oct-94)
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Language -front LANGUAGE (CD)

Tracklist: Rumour/ Spider Mother(*)/ Mr. Twisty Wants His Car Wreck(*)/ Days In A Lifeboat(*)/ Invisible Western(*)/ Angular Piece/ Lost Dog/ Railroad Piece/ Samael/ John's Cat Sits In The Sunshine/ Berlin Alley Soundtrack/ Tina's Penguin Fiancé/ Retail/ Language/ The Unanswered Question/ Be Thankful/ Translation.

Recording info: Recorded @ various studios and locations. Mixed on the fly.

Note: Music on the album is a mix of (acoustic) guitars, found voices and musique concrete. (*) co-written by Rowland S.Howard.

Line-up: Chris Haskett [Rollins Band] (acoustic & electric guitars) and Rowland S.Howard (acoustic guitar) on (*), with guests: John Benskin (viola)/ Adrienne Gifford (cello)/ Tom Berard (voice)/ Joe Cole (voice)/ J.M. Conroy (voice)/ Carla Petschek (voice)/ Henry Rollins (voice)/ Kate Samworth (voice)/ Nicky Thomas (voice) and Tina Van der Straaten.

  • 2.13.61 Records –213CD02 (US,19-Jun-95)
Language -back


Hungry Ghosts -front S/T (CD/CDR)

Tracklist: Man Who Refused To Kill/ A Joke's A Joke/ Waltz/ Nowness/ Hannah/ Plaster Of Paris/ Peak/ Snake (Swallowing A Flower)/ Desert/ Blood/ Relief.

Recording info: Recorded @ Birdland Studios, Melbourne-Prahran (AU), early 1997. Engineered by Lindsay Gravina. Produced by Rowland S.Howard.

Note: During 2000-2002, Steve Boyle takes over drum duties from Mick Harvey in the Rowland S.Howard band. In 2008, JP Shilo becomes member of the Rowland S.Howard band. Tim J.Howden is member of the tribute band that perform Rowland's songs live in 2013/2014.
Reliant Records was Bruce Milne's (In-fidelity Records/Au-Go-Go records/Pulp magazine) short-lived (1998-1999) label which had about 10 releases.

Line-up: Jason G. Boneham/ John Brooks [aka JP Shilo] and Tim J.Howden, with Steve Boyle (percussion)/ Peter Knight (trumpet) and Rowland S.Howard (acoustic guitar/Farfisa organ).

  • Reliant Records -NC170004 (AU,16-Aug-99) CD
  • self released (AU,15-Jul-17) CDR with "Three Sisters" EP bonus.
Hungry Ghosts -back



Tracklist: Bonus disc: Now Or Never(+)/ Isotope/ Rebel/ Takin' It All Wrong(*)/ and more...

Recording info: Recorded @ Birdland Studios, Melbourne-Prahran (AU), 1999. Recorded and mixed by Lindsay Gravina.

Note: "Takin' It All Wrong" is a leftover from the "Pace It" EP sessions and only available on the bonus disc that comes with the UK re-release of the "What Are Rock Stars Doing Today" album. "Rebel" from the "Supagloo" single (Aug-01); "Now Or Never" and "Isotope" from the "Pace It" EP (Mar-01).

Line-up: Adalita Srsen (vocals,guitar,piano)/ Dean Turner (bass,theremin)/ Raul Sanchez (I Jorge) (guitar,lap steel guitar) and Adam Robertson (drums,percussion), with guests: Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on (*) and Kirsty Stegwazi (cello) on (*)(+).

  • Sweet Nothing Records – SNCD016 (UK,2002)
What Rock Stars -back


Thirteen -front THIRTEEN (CD)

Tracklist: Liquid Cement(+)/ West/ Luke And Angie/ Alone Again/ Pony/ Breaking Thunder/ No Donor/ The Good Fight/ The Secret Of My Success/ Good Together/ Italin/ Bound And Gagged/ Stand Up/ Sexual Revolution/ Mr. Booze(*)/ Clotted Wood.

Recording info: Rowland's part recorded @ Birdland Studios, Melbourne-Prahran (AU), 2006. Engineered by Lindsay Gravina.

Note: Teenager was a synth pop band formed in Sydney in 2004 (and ended in 2007) by electronic musician Nick Littlemore and Phillipa Brown. The "Thirteen" album was recorded over period of 3 years (2004-2006) in studios in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne.

Line-up: Littlemore (vocalist/keyboard) and Phillipa Brown (guitar) with guests: Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on (*)/ Lee Ranaldo (bass,guitar) on (+)/ Steve Shelley (drums) on (+).

  • Timberyard Records -T101106 (AU,01-Dec-06)
  • Godlike & Electric -GAECD002 (UK,01-Oct-07)
Thirteen -back


Marry Me Tonight -front MARRY ME TONIGHT (CD/LP)

Tracklist: HA/ Rent Boy/ Your Mistress/ Kiss Before The Fall/ Waltz Real Slow/ Panties/ Shoot You Up (aka She's Seventeen)/ Fascinator/ Disco.

Recording info: Recorded @ Birdland Studios, Melbourne-Prahran (AU), 20/28-Feb-06. Engineered by Rob Long. Produced by Rowland S.Howard and Lindsay Gravina.

Note: Recorded while Rowland was on interferon [a treatment against the hepatitis C virus, contracted by intravenous drug use]. "We only saw him a couple of hours a day, mind you. He was very very exhausted on interferon. We had him 2 hours a day". Jonnine Standish interviewed for "Autoluminiscent", a film by Lynn-Maree Milburn and Richard Lowenstein.

Line-up: Jonnine Standish (vocals,percussion)/ Nigel Yang (guitar,loops, synth,programming) and Sean Stewart (bass,programming), with guests: Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on "HA", "Panties" and "Disco" and (keyboards) on "Rent Boy" and "Fascinator", Conrad Standish (vocals) and Rohan Rebeiro (drums).

  • Blast First Petite –PTYT 016 (UK,16-May-09) CD
  • Ghostly International -GI-230LP (US,28-Apr-15) LP + booklet
Marry Me Tonight -bacvk


White Boy -front WHITE BOY (CDS)

Tracklist: White Boy/ Summer High/ Deep In A Net Of Red/ Love Is The Armour/ Valley Of The Rose/ Future Fuck.

Recording info: Recorded @ Birdland Studios, Melbourne-Prahran (AU), early 2008. Engineered by Rob Long. Produced by Dean Turner. Mixed/mastered by Lindsay Gravina.

Note: Dean Turner founded Magic Dirt in 1992 and played bass in the band until he passed away on August 21, 2009.

Line-up: Adalita Srsen (vocals,guitar)/ Dean Turner (bass)/ Raul Sanchez (I Jorge) (guitar) and Adam Robertson (drums), with guests:, with guests: Rowland S.Howard (vocals/guitar) on "Summer High" and Gareth Liddiard (guitar) on "Love Is The Armour".

  • Emergency Music/MGM -#006 (AU,06-Oct-09)
White Boy -back

V/A compilations

V/A: VIVA EIGHT - ALBUM (01-Mar-93)


Tracklist: A House/ Kingmaker/ Balloon/ Edwyn Collins/ Vic Godard/ Moose/ Green On Red/ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:Jack The Ripper, Nick The Stripper(*)/ Shonen Knife/ 31/2 Minutes/Buffalo Tom/ Thousand Yard Stare/ Redd Kross/ Buzzcocks/ Gallon Drunk/ Bad/ Blue Aeroplanes/ Eat/ Revolver/ Wolfgang Press/ Freaky Realistic/ Tyrell Corp/ Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart/ Cabaret Voltaire/ Gary Clail.

Recording info: Recorded live @ the Town & Country Club, London (UK) 01/08-Sep-92. Engineered by The Manor Mobile. Post production mixing @ Mark Angelo Studios by Steve MacMillan. Bad Seeds recorded on 01-Sep-92.

Note: Festival organised by British music weekly, New Musical Express.

Line-up: Nick Cave (vocals)/ Mick Harvey (guitar)/ Blixa Bargeld (guitar)/ Martin P.Casey (bass)/ Conway Savage (keyboard) Thomas Wydler (drums), with Rowland S.Howard (guitar) on (*).

  • New Music Express- VIVA 8 CD (UK,01-Mar-93)


He Died With A Felafel -front HE DIED WITH A FELAFEL IN HIS HANDS (CD)

Tracklist: Golden Brown -The Stranglers/ Buy Me A Pony -Spiderbait/ Run On -Moby/ Ya Ya Ringe Ringe Raja -Goran Bregovic And Kolic Zlatko/ Always On My Mind -Rick Charles And Cast/ Dr Who (Cybermen Remix) -Pound System/ La Valse -Les Negresses Vertes/ La Dolce Vita -Nina Rota/ Solstice Chant -The Melbourne University Choral Society/ Tomorrow Belongs To Me -Melbourne University Choral Society/ The Passenger [Iggy Pop] -Rowland S.Howard/ Miss Sarajevo -Brian Eno,Bono,Clayton,The Edge/ The Mercy Seat (Live 2000) -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/ Everloving -Moby/ Man Overboard (2001 Remix) -Deborah Conway And Wicked Beat/ Drive -Paradise Motel/ The Human Germ -Snog/ Into My Arms -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/ California Dreaming -The Mamas and the Papas/ Aulde Lang Syne -The Melbourne University Choral Society.

Recording info: "The Passenger" recorded (likely) @ Birdland Studios, Melbourne-Prahran (AU), 1998. Engineered by Lindsay Gravina. Soundtrack mastered by William Bowden @ Festival studios, Melbourne (AU), 2001

Note: Soundtrack to Richard Lowenstein's film.

Line-up: Rowland S.Howard (vocals, guitar) with (likely) Brian Hooper (bass) and Mick Harvey (drums).

  • Best Boy/Festival Mushroom Records -334082 (AU,2001)
He Died With A Felafel -back


Suburban Mayhem -front SUBURBAN MAYHEM (CD)

Tracklist: Adalita: Double Dare [Hoyt Axton]/ The Buff Medways: Troubled Mind/ The Spazzys: Paco Doesn't Love Me/ Your Wedding Night: White Hott/ Bird Blobs: Inbred Disco/ Adalita: Sex Beat [Gun Club]/ Magic Dirt: Daddy/ The Red Sunband: Devil Song/ Little Birdy: This Is A Love Song/ Suzi Quatro: 48 Crush/ The Spazzys: The Sunshine Drive/ Magic Dirt: Sucker Love/ Mick Harvey: soundtrack score.

Recording info: Original soundtrack, "Double Dare" and "Sex Beat" recorded @ Atlantis studios, Melbourne (AU), 2006. Engineered and mixed by Dave McCluney. Produced by Mick Harvey, Dave McCluney and Paul Goldman. Mixed @ The Instrument studio, London (UK), engineered by Kevin Paul, 2006.

Note: Soundtrack to Paul Goldman's film. Paul (with Evan English, a.k.a. The Rich Kids) shot the Birthday Party's "Nick The Stripper" promo video back in 1981. He also directed "Australian Rules" (2002), a film with a soundtrack by Mick Harvey. Soundtrack, "Double Dare" and "Sex Beat" are original recordings for the film. Other tracks taken from the bands albums.

Line-up: Adalita Srsen [Magic Dirt] (vocals)/ Rowland S. Howard (guitar)/ Spencer P.Jones (guitar)/ Mick Harvey (organ)/ Dean Turner [Magic Dirt] (bass) and Peter Jones (drums).

  • Inertia Recordings -IR5224CD (AU,07-Oct-06)
Suburban Mayhem -back


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