Devil Dogs

(USA November 1980 - Europe Spring 1981)


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Unofficial releases


Devil Dogs: Bitchin -front BITCHIN' THE BLUES (CD-R)

Tracklist: I Feel So Worried [Sammy Lewis/Willie Lee Johnson. 1955]/ Twelve Year Old Boy [Elmore James/Mel London. 1957]/ I Don’t Want Nobody/ Be Careful What You Do [John Brim. 1953] / Jive/ Racketeer’s Blues [Lonnie Johnson. 1932]/ Memphis Yodel-Rocky Road Blues [Jimi Rodgers. 1928/ Bill Monroe. 1945]/ Snatch It Back and Hold It [Junior Wells. 1965]/ Get Your Business Straight [Morris “Magic Slim” Holt]/ He Fooled Me/ It's Tight Like That [Clara Smith/Hudson "Tampa Red" Whittaker. 1929]/ Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum.

Recording info: Recorded live @ the 688 Club, Atlanta (GA) on 13-Dec-80.

Notes: Soundboard recording. Released on a home made CD-R. Lydia had asked Robert Quine [Voidoids] (who had worked with Lydia on her "Queen of Siam" album) for some fun blues songs from his collection of 78rpm blues records, he made her a tape, and that was their live set.

Line-up: Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Robert Maché [Swinging Madisons] (guitar)/ Rudi Protrudi [Fuzztones] (bass) and Kristian Hoffman [Mumps,Swinging Madisons] (drums).

  • Black Cat Records - CD69 (US,2006)

Devil Dogs: Bitchin -back

Lydia Lunch - Discography

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