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Chronology: a chronological overview of known concert dates (some with setlists and/or ads), 
dates of studio recordings, all line-ups and other trivia related to Lydia Lunch's Queen Of Siam.

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Krems 05-May-11

AT Krems,Halle 1,Donaufestival
performing the "Queen Of Siam" album
[with Laurie Andersen, Marc Ribot,..]

Setlist: Mechanical Flattery/ Los Banditos/ Cruise To The Moon/ Tied And Twist/ Spooky/ Gloomy Sunday/ Lady Scarface/ Blood Of Tin/ Amtomic Bongos/Cruise To The Moon revisited/ Knives In The Drain.

Photo: Capture from DVD.

Note: Only performance of the "Queen of Siam" album. Performed in between 2 Big Sexy Noise tours. Rehearsal took place @ the Minoritenkirche on 03-May-2011. Available on the "Queen Of Siam" DVD, filmed by Elise Passavant [aka Tankmutation].

Line-up: Lydia Lunch (vocals) with James Johnston [Gallon Drunk/Big Sexy Noise] (guitar)/ Leo Kurunis [Lord Auch/Gallon Drunk] (bass)/ Jessie Evans [Sister Assassin] (sax, wild dancing)/ Toby Dammit [Iggy & the Stooges] (piano,keyboards,vibraphone and bongos) and Ian White [Gallon Drunk/Big Sexy Noise] (drums).

8 Eyed Spy (September 1979 - August 1980)

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