Lydia Lunch with No Trend

(U.S.A. May 1984 - April 1985)


Chronology: a chronological overview of known concert dates (some with setlists and/or ads), 
dates of studio recordings, all line-ups and other trivia related to Lydia Lunch with No Trend. 

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The year in which Lydia Lunch records with No Trend.

May 1984
Lydia, returns from London to New York City,Spanish Harlem @ 511,East 12th street. This place is now the "Old Devil Moon"/"Northern Spy Food Co." restaurant. She will stay in New York City until December 1990.

May 1984
US VA,Arlington,Inner Ear Studios,Don Zientara's basement,Lydia Lunch provides vocals (and co-lyrics) to 4 songs (Your Love/ Tear You Apart/ The Curse/ Who’s To Say) for No Trend's "A Dozen Red Roses" album. Recording engineered and mixed by Don Zientara and No Trend.

Line-up: Jefferson Scott (born Jeff Mentges) (vocals)/ Dean Evangelista (guitar)/ Robert Marymont (born Bob Strasser) (bass)/ Spidako (keyboards)/ Bernard de Massy (sax) and Kenn Rudd (drums). Lydia Lunch vocals (and co-lyrics)

The year in which the "A Dozen Red Roses" album is released and Lydia joins for 2 live concerts.

US Release of the "A Dozen Red Roses" album on No Trend Records.

Live line-up (1985):
Jeff Mentges (vocals)/ Buck Parr (guitar)/ Bob Strasser (bass) and Greg Miller (drums) .

US NY,New York City,Dancetaria

Note: Lydia's first concert with No Trend. Lydia is also doing a spoken word show.

"..Jeff was determined to get some random member of the audience thrown out of the club – for no particular reason. We played our opening number, and throughout it he and Lydia would wildly point to some unfortunate in the audience and complain about his behavior instead of singing. We started the second song, and half way through Jeff stopped the band altogether. He announced that the band would refuse to play until until security came along and escorted this innocent out. Of course, this person was bounced out, but he did not miss much. We played a terrible show." Taken from an interview with Buck Parr and published by yellowgreenred .

Baltimore 17-Mar-85

US MD,Baltimore,The Marble Bar

Note: Lydia's second concert with No Trend. Lydia is also doing a spoken word show.

"[The band] played behind an opaque plastic dropcloth, so you could barely see them. Jeff was opening cans of paint and throwing their contents onto this drop cloth. There was A LOT OF PAINT being thrown around. Eventually the dropcloth got pulled down and fell off the stage, getting paint on some of the audience. Jeff and Lydia were slipping in the paint on stage and falling all over the place. Eventually they both slid off the stage, embracing, and rolled around on the floor together entwined and wriggling, completely covered in paint. It was thoroughly disgusting. The club was furious, there was real damage." Taken from an interview with Buck Parr and published by yellowgreenred .

Flyer: Xerox of flyer.

Washington 21-Apr-85

US DC,Washington,Friendship Heights,Friendship Station
(Jeff Mentges and Lydia Lunch as The Elephant Twins)
[with No Trend and Butch Willis]

Note: Would have been Lydia's third with No Trend, but for some reason she cancelled.

Flyer: Scan of flyer.

US PA,Pittsburgh,The Electric Banana
[with S.M.D.]

Note: Also this one fell through, as Jim Hayes of S.M.D. [Screaming Mailboxes of Destiny] emailed me.

UK Release of the "Heart Of Darkness" EP (Lydia's tracks on the No Trend album) on Widowspeak/Rough Trade.


Live line-up (1987/88):
Jeff Mentges (vocals)/ Eric 'Leif' Leifert (guitar)/ Bob Strasser (bass)/ Dean Evangelista (keyboards) and James Peachey (drums) .

US NY,Stony Brook,Stony Brook University
[with Flour and Lydia Lunch]

Note: Tour for their 1987 released "Tritonian Nash - Vegas Polyester Complex " (Touch & Go) album. It's possible that Lydia joined No Trend during their set. She did a spoken word show.

Shotgun Wedding (March 1991 - July 1998)

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