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Trade & Wants lists

For Trade list
(7", 10", CDs, LPs, VHS, DVDs, Books, Magazines, Posters, T-Shirts)

Below is list of items from my personal collection which I no longer need and which are for trade for items on my 2 Wants lists (bottom of page).
Any other fair offers or trades (photos, posters, memorabilia,..) will also be considered. For inquiries or offers, please mail me (don't forget to remove the anti spam section).

  • "The Man With The Golden Arm/Bombasto!/Fifteen Rounds/Suck On The Honey Of Love" 12" Mute records- 12MUTE77 (UK 1988) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "The Taming Of The Shrewd" CDS Mute records- CDMUTE97 (UK 1989) Note: 4 track EP. Cardboard sleeve. VG+/NM
  • "Cinema Is King" CDS Mute records- CDMUTE149 (UK 1992) Note: 4 track EP. NM.
  • "The Big Bamboozle" CDS Mute records- CDMUTE186 (UK 1995) Note: 4 track EP. Cardboard sleeve. NM/NM
  • "Black Amour" CDS Mute records- CDMUTE223 (UK 2002) Note: 3 track EP + 1 video. NM
  • "Whispering Streets" CDS Mute records- CDMUTE283 (UK 2002) Note: 3 track EP. NM
  • "Stranger On The Sofa" CD Central Control- CCI 001 (UK 2006)Note: Digipack. NM
  • THE BURMOE BROTHERS:"Skin" 12" Wide Blue Yonder -WBY121 (UK 1985) Note: with Mark Almond & Audrey Riley. VG+/VG+
  • FLESH VOLCANO: "Slut" 12" Some Bizzare records records (UK 1987) Note: Jim G.Thirlwell & Mark Almond. VG+/VG+.
  • "7 Dances of the holy ghost" CD Sans Soleil (GE 2000)Note: Often collaborate with FM Einheit (Neubauten). New/Unplayed.Cover:NM.
  • "Encore" CD Last Call -422009 (FR 1995) Note: Compilation mid 80's + 1992/1993 stuff.VG+/NM.
  • V/A:"Pop 2000-Das Gibt's nur einmal" CD Groenland-EMI (GE 1999) Note: Digipack. New/Unplayed.(incl. B.Bargeld:"Soul Desert",etc..)
  • Rede/Speech" DVD Potomoak/Indigo (GE 2006) Note: Digipack. New/Unplayed.(Live Berlin 23-May-03).PAL/NTSC, region free.
  • "Just Visiting This Planet" T-Shirt Screen Stars (IR 1992) Note: Size XL/Black. Blixa from Peter Sempel film on front. Never worn. New.
  • DANDY:"Blixa Bargeld-naked" poster(large) (GE,1988) Note: (folded) poster by Peter Sempel for his film "Dandy". New.
  • DANDY:"Collage" poster(large) (GE,1988) Note: another (folded) poster by Peter Sempel for his film "Dandy". New.
  • "Zweihundertdreiunddreizig(233) Grad Celsius, ein Feuerbuch" book Konkursbuchverlag (GE,1999) Note: by Blixa Bargeld & Kain Karawahn. Hardcover.New.
  • "The Axeman's Jazz" CD Normal -RED CD4 (GE 1988) Note: As new.
  • "Sour Mash" CD Normal -RED CD5 (GE 1988) Note: As new.
  • "Black Milk" CD Normal -RED CD12 (GE 1990) Note: As new.
  • "Just Right" CDEP Red Eye/Nornal -RTD3050620224 (GE,1992) Note: 5 track (2 live). Digipak. As New.
  • "Words From A Woman/Hope You Find Your Way To Heaven" CD Red Eye/Nornal -RTD3050620224 (GE,1992) Note: 1 live track. Cardboard sleeve. As New.
  • "Mr.Clarinet/Happy Birthday" 7" 4AD records -AD114 (UK,11-Oct-80)
  • "Release The Bats/Blast Off" 7" 4AD records -AD111 (UK,31-Jul-81)
  • "Prayers On Fire" LP Polygram/Statik -STAT 3103 (GR,1982)Note: with extra track "Release The Bats". G+/VG.
  • "Dead Joe" flexi Masterbag -BAG 005 (UK,Aug-82) Note: without the magazine.
  • "Drunk On The Popes Blood" 12" 4AD records -JAD 202 (UK,18-Feb-82) Note: VG/VG
  • "Junkyard" LP Gee Bee Dee records -GBD-0040 (GE,1982) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "The Birthday Party" 12" 4AD records -BAD 307 (UK,83) Note:(incl.Release The Bats/Blast Off//The Friend Catcher/Mr.Clarinet/Happy Birthday).VG+/VG+.
  • "John Peel Session II- 02-Dec-81" CDS Castle Communications records -SFPS 058 (NL,1989)
  • "Welcome To The Birthday Party" Live LP RAL 3 NP -205 (SP,200x) Note: BBC Radio sessions 1980-1982. New/Unplayed.
  • "The Front Row Is Not For The Fragile" Live LP Tuff Monk Records -TF-386 (EU,2004) Note: Live Vera,Groningen on 05-Jun-82. As new.
  • "Funhouse" Live LP A-Lad-Insane -8207 (EU,2006) Note: Live Alladin,Bremen on 01-Jul-82. As new.
  • "Born Dead" Live LP Junk Yard Records JYR-6002 (EU,2007) Note: John Peel Sessions 1980-81. As new.
  • "Fuckin' Rotten Business This!" Live LP Tuff Monk Records -TF-391 (EU,2007) Note: Live Stokvishal, Arnhem (NL) on 20-Feb-83. As new.
  • "Pleasure heads must burn" video (VHS-PAL) Visionary Communications -IKON 7 (UK,1992) Note: Played once.
  • "Nick Cave-Birthday Party" postcard Underground -U574 (UK,1982) Note: B/W photo by Kevin Cummins.
  • "Australian November/December 1980 tour" poster (AU,1980) Size: 60x75cm (24x30inch)Note: Rather used.
  • TUFF MONKS: "After The fireworks" 7" Au-Go-Go - (AU,1982) Note: BP + Go-Betweens. Side 1 scratched.
  • "Door,Door" LP Mushroom records -L19227 (AU re-release 1983)Note: VG/VG+
  • "Hee-Haw" 12" Missing Link -MLEP-3 (AU 1979)Note: without the insert. G+/G+.
  • "Group photo 1979/80" poster (AU,1980) Size: 58x43cm (23x17inch) Note: Nice xerox copy (original signed by band members).
  • V/A:"Dogs In Space" LP Chase/CBS -CLPX14 (AU,1985) Note:(incl.Boys Next Door,Iggy Pop,Gang of Four,Michael Hutchence,..).VG+/VG+.
    First Australian pressing with the uncensored black cover.
  • "Mystery White Boy: Live '95 - '96" CD+CDS Columbia/Sony -COL 497972 9 (UK 200o) Note: New.
  • "Live At L'Olympia" CD Columbia/Sony -COL 503204-9 (FR 2001) Note: New.
  • "The Grace EPs" CD Box Columbia/Sony -5011782006 (US 2002) Note: 5 CDS in box. New.
  • "Grace (Legacy)" 2CD + DVD Box Columbia/Sony -517460 3 (UK 2004) Note: New.
  • "Scetches For My Sweetheart The Drunk" 2CD Columbia/Sony -488661 6 (EU 1998) Note: As new.
  • BLUE RUIN:"Venus/Hey Bo" 7" Rampant records -RR022 (AU 1986) Note: with Phill Calvert (ex- Birthday Party). NM/NM.
  • BLUE RUIN:"Bad Gin/Two Sleepy People" 7" Rampant records -RR029 (AU 1987) Note: with Phill Calvert (ex- Birthday Party). NM/NM.
  • BLUE RUIN:"What A Hellu'va Woman/I Hit The Big Time In A Bottle" 7" Rampant records -RR043 (AU 1987) Note: with Phill Calvert (ex- Birthday Party). NM/NM.
  • BLUE RUIN:"She Don't Gone More/Cit Of Churches" 7" MDS records -BR001 (AU 1990) Note: with Phill Calvert (ex- Birthday Party). NM/NM.
  • THE SUGARHIPS:"Sleep" CDR Private release (AU 1998) Note: 3 track. With Phil Calvert (ex- Birthday Party). As new
  • THE SUNDAY KIND:"Guidance" CDS Siren records -037 (AU 1994) Note: With Phil Calvert (ex- Birthday Party). As new
  • CAN
  • "Can Box" Box Spoon Records -Spoon 41 (UK 1999) Note: 30 anniversary ed. Contains:2CD, VHS, Book. As new.
  • "Psychic Hearts//We Dance/Johnny's Got A Gun" 7" Undercover Records -UNCV003 (US 1996) Note: Red vinyl. New/unplayed.
  • "Nude As The News" CDS Matador Records -OLE240-2 (US 1996) Note: 2 track. As new.
  • CAT POWER:"Clear The Room"/GUV'NER:"Great Expectations" split 7" Wiiija Records (UK 1996) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • CAT POWER:"Nude As The News (live)"/BUILT TO SPILL/+2 7" Spunk Records -SPUN003 (AU 1997) Note:New/unplayed. + Spunk zine #6.
  • "The Covers Record" CD Matador Records -OLE4262 (US 2000) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • V/A:"What's Up Matador" 2CD Matador Records -OLE163-2 (US 1997) Note: (tracks by Cat Power, Yo La Tengo,The Fall, Jon Spencer,etc..) NM/NM.
  • "Tupelo/The six strings that drew blood" 7" Mute records -Mute38 (UK 1985) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "Kicking Against The Pricks" LP Stiletto Records -992 524-1 (BR,1986) Note: Brazilian release. G+/NM-
  • "The Singer/Running Scared" 7" Mute records -Mute47 (UK 1986) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "The Singer/Running Scared/Black Betty" Cassette Homestead records -HMS064-4 (US 1986) Note: G+/NM
  • "You Funeral...My Trial" LP Virgin Records -VG 50239 (GR 1986) Note: Greek release. 33RPM record. VG+/NM-
  • "You Funeral...My Trial" Cassette NMC Music -STUM34-4 (IS 1986) Note: Israel release. Cut-out corner. VG+/NM-
  • "Scum" flexi/poster Lyntone -LYN 18038 (UK 1986) Note: VG/VG.
  • "The Mercy Seat (single version)/ New Day " 7" Mute Records/Indisc -MUTE 4652 (BE,Jun-88) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "The Mercy Seat (single version)/ New Day " 7" Virgin Records -90437 (FR,Jun-88) Note: VG/VG+.
  • "Deanna/The girl at the bottom of my glass" 7" Mute -Mute86 (UK 1988) Note: Radio promo. No sleeve. New/Unplayed.
  • "Tender Prey" LP Stiletto Records -230.4006 (BR 1988) Note: Brazilian release. Promo. VG+/NM-
  • "The Ship Song" 7" Mute records -Mute108 (UK 1990) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "The Ship Song" CDS Mute Records -CD MUTE 108 (UK,12-Mar-90)
  • "The Ship Song" 12" Mute Records -P12 MUTE 108 (UK,12-Mar-90) Note: Promo. New/Unplayed.
  • "The Good Son" LP Stiletto Records -230.4037 (BR,1990) Note: G+/VG+.
  • "The Good Son" CD Mute records -Stumm76 (CZ 1990) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "The Good Songs" CDS Mute Sonet -SA2110 (FR,Apr/May-90) Note: Free with Les Inrockuptibles mag.
  • "The Weeping Song" CDS Mute Records -CD MUTE 118 (UK,1990)
  • "Acoustic Versions of songs from Tender Prey" CDS Mute Records -PCD STUMM 76 (UK,Apr-90) Note: Free w/ initial copies of "The Good Son" CD.As new.
  • "Stripped" CDS Liberation Records -PRD94/84 (AU,Dec-94) Note: Same contant as "Acoustic Versions..".
  • "Straight to you//Jack the Ripper/Blue Bird" 12" Mute records -P12Mute140(UK 1992) Note: Promo. Generic Mute sleeve. New.
  • "Henry's Dream" CD Mute records -Stumm92 (CZ 1992) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • & SHANE MCGOWAN: "What a Wonderful World//Rainy night in Soho/Lucy#2" 7" SubPop records -SP194 (US 1992) Note: New.
  • & SHANE MCGOWAN: "What a Wonderful World//Rainy night in Soho/Lucy#2" 12" Mute records -P12Mute151(UK 1992) Note: Promo.New.
  • "Faraway,So Close" CDS EMI/Electrola -8808052 (GE 1993) Note: (LOU REED:"Why can't I Be Good/ Nick Cave/ H.Grönemeyer). Promo in carboard sleeve.
  • "Faraway,So Close" CD EMI/Electrola -724382721628 (NL 1993) Note: (Soundtrack with Nick Cave,U2,Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson,..) .As new.
  • "Red Right Hand/That's what jazz is to me" 7" Mute records -Mute172(UK 1994) Note: Red vinyl. New. Without cover.
  • "Murder Ballads" LP Mute records -Stumm138(UK 1996) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "The Boatman's Call" CD Mute records/Pias Benelux -Stumm142 (BE 1997) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "The Best Of" Box Mute records (UK 1998) Note: Promo incl. "Best Of" CD, Interview CD, Video EPK + family tree poster.
  • "NC&BS" T-Shirt (EU 1992) Note: Size L/White. "Henry's Dream" Nick Cave on front. Never worn. New.
  • "Hotel Reparation Charity" T-Shirt Jt's (EU 1992) Note: Size XL/White. NC drawing on front. Hotel damage bills on back.Never worn. New.
  • "The Firstborn Is Dead album" poster Size:43x30cm (17x12inch). Note:Very good condition (folded).
  • "Kicking Against The Pricks album -1986" poster Size:152x101cm (60x40inch).Note:Good/fair condition.
  • "The Mercy Seat 12" -1988" poster Size:152x101cm (60x40inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "Tender Prey album -1988" poster Size:152x101cm (60x40inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "Tender Prey tour 1988" poster Size:84x61cm (33x24inch). Note:Very good condition.Generic tour poster.
  • "Bochum Zeche 26-Sep-88" poster Size:117x86cm (46x34inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "The Good Son album -1990" poster Size:152x101cm (60x40inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "The Good Son album -1990" poster Size:70x50cm (28x20inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "Deinze,Brielpoort 24-May-90" poster Size:90x63cm (35x25inch). Note:Good condition (folded).
  • "The Good Son -German tour May 1990" poster Size:84x61cm (33x24inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "The Good Son" poster Size:85x60cm (33x24inch). Note:Birthday Party photo. Bootleg poster. Very good condition.
  • "The Ship Song single -1990" poster Size:152x101cm (60x40inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "Glasgow Pavilion 21-Aug-90" poster Size:76x102cm (30x40inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "Los Angeles Wiltern Theater 05-Oct-90" poster Size:43x26cm (17x10inch). Note:Signed by Frank Kozik. Very good condition.
  • "The Road To God Knows Where film -1990" poster Size:60x84cm (24x33inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "Henry's Dream album -1992" poster Size:51x41cm (20x16inch). Note:Liberation records. Very good condition.
  • "1st 7 albums on Liberation records -1992" poster Size:52x43cm (20x16inch). Note:Liberation records. Very good condition.
  • "Sydney Hordern Pavilion 17-Dec-94" poster Size:54x38cm (21x15inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • "The Best Of" poster Mute records (UK 1998) Note: Promo. Bad Seeds family tree poster. New.
  • "Where the live wild roses grow" Live CD Spider records -06 (EU 1997) Note: Live Kristiansand 04-Jul-96 SQ:Good.New.
  • "The Best Of" CD Mute 601852 (Russia 1999) Note: So called best of. 16tracks. SQ:Excellent.Misses front cover.
  • "HTV Music History" CD Sony Hal013 (Russia 2001) Note: So called best of. 18tracks. SQ:Excellent. Nice packaging.
  • "Caveman Cuts" CD-R Moonface (Israel 2000) Note: B-sides/Rare tracks. 15tracks. SQ:Excellent.
  • "The Canary Songs" 2CD-R No label (Japan 2000) Note: B-sides/Rare tracks. 27tracks. SQ:Excellent. Great cover!
  • "Nick Cave" CD Cdboom (Russia 2000) Note: MP3 collection of 4 Birthday Party & first 11 N.Cave albums.
  • "Nick Cave" CD Fonoteka (Russia 2000) Note: MP3 collection of 4 Birthday Party & first 11 N.Cave albums.
  • "Maximum Nick Cave" CD Chrome Dreams ABCD201 (UK 2005) Note: Audio book. 55mins, Unauthoried biography. As new.
  • "Live In France 2001" VHS Video(Pal) Music Collection (Russia 2002) Note: Live Lyon,Transbordeur June 2001. Still sealed.
  • "King Ink I" book Le Serpent A Plumes (FR 1997) Note: Paperback. 2nd edition. FR-UK language.New.
  • "And the Ass Saw the Angel" book Black Spring Press (UK 1989) Note: Hardback. Second 1989 edition.Cover jacket:VG.
  • "The Words Of The Wise" booklets in box Canongate (UK 1998) Note: The Old & New Testament (King James version)."Mark" introduction by N.Cave.New.
  • "Stories" book Arts Centre (AU 2008) Note: Hardback. 144 pages. Mint/sealed. Complement to the Nick Cave Exhibition in Melbourne (11.2007/03.2008).
  • DAN ZANES:"Catch That Train" CD Festival Five records -FFR009 (US 2006) Note:(guests: Nick Cave, Blind Boys Of Alabama,etc..). As new.
  • V/A:"The Bridge-Tribute N.Young" LP Caroline records -CARLP5 (UK 1989) Note:(exclusive tracks by N.Cave,Pixies,PTV,Sonic Youth,etc..).VG+/VG+
  • V/A:"StumMute" LP Volksb?hne recordings -LUX000 (GE 2002) Note: (Nick Cave, Goldfrapp, etc.. live Berlin 24-Nov-00).VG+/VG+.
  • V/A:"Viva Eight" 2CD NME (UK 1991) Note: New. (incl. live tracks by Green On Red,Nick Cave,Buzzcocks,Gallon Drunk,Cabaret Voltaire,etc..)
  • "Wien,U4 24-Oct-90" poster Size:84x59cm (33x23inch). Note: Fair condition (pinned on wall).
  • "I Feel" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -867 584-2 (AU 1991) Note: Cardboard sleeve. 1 studio/2 live tracks. As new.
  • "This Is Not The Way Home" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -863 435-2 (AU 1992) Note: Cardboard sleeve. 3 studio/1 live tracks. As new.
  • "4 X 4" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -865608-2 (AU 1992) Note: Cardboard sleeve. 4 studio tracks. As new.
  • "Woman With Soul" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -8598172 (AU 1993) Note: 1 studio/3 live tracks. As new.
  • "Black Stick" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -8610372 (AU 1993) Note: 4 studio tracks. As new.
  • "The Honeymoon Is Over" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -8592912 (AU 1993) Note: 4 studio tracks. As new.
  • "Seems Twice" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -855415-2 (AU 1994) Note: 3 studio/1 live tracks. As new.
  • "Better Get A Lawyer" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -8791852 (AU 1994) Note: 4 studio tracks. As new.
  • "Just A Man" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -8518452 (AU 1994) Note: 3 studio tracks. As new.
  • "Anybody But You" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -5795732 (AU 1995) Note: 5 studio tracks. As new.
  • "Too Fast For Me" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -577067-2 (AU 1996) Note: 4 studio tracks. As new.
  • "Talking All Day (Radio edit)" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -CRUELPRO10 (AU 1998) Note: 1 promo track. As new.
  • "Talking All Day" CDS Polydor records -566 005-2 (AU 1998) Note: 5 studio tracks. As new.
  • "Hard Times" CDS Polydor records -569 667-2 (AU 1998) Note: 3 studio tracks. As new.
  • "It Won't Last" CDS Grudge records -CRUELPRO15 (AU 1999) Note: 1 promo track. As new.
  • "No Choice" CDS Universal records -0154932 (AU 2001) Note: 4 studio tracks/1 video clip. As new.
  • "Talking All Day tour Australia May-98" poster Size:60x40cm (25x16inch). Note:Very good condition.
  • LUXEDO:"You Really Suck" CD Corduroy Records -CORD0069 (AU 1999) Note: Precursor to The Devastions. 8 track. As new.
  • LUXEDO:"Comatose" CDS Corduroy Records -CORD089 (AU 2000) Note: Precursor to The Devastions. 4 track. As new.
  • "Previous Crimes/Diamond Ring" 7" Go Metric -mm002 (US 2004) Note: White vinyl. New/unplayed.
  • "The Devastations" CD Munster Records -MR CD 228 (SP) Note: As new.
  • "Horse Stories" CD Big Cat -ABB115CD (UK 1996) Note: NM/NM.
  • "Horse Stories" CD Gamaa Music -GAP0010 (TW 2004) Note: From Taiwan. As new.
  • "Ocean Songs" CD Bella Union -BellaCD3 (UK 1998) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "Whatever You Love You Are" CD Glitterhouse -GRCD486 (GE 2000) Note: as new.
  • "She Has No Strings Apollo" CD Bella Union -BellaCD44 (UK 2003) Note: as new.
  • "Cinder" CD Bella Union -BellaCD103 (UK 2005) Note: Digipak. As new.
  • VENOM P. STINGER:"Tearbucketer" CD Siltbreeze records -SB-51(US 1995) Note: Cut-out cover.
  • V/A:"Homebake 3" 2CD Emi Records (AU 1999) Note: Comp. of Australian bands who played at the festival (Silverchair, Dirty Three, etc..).
  • "You Make Me Real/Peace Frog" 7" Elektra -INT.80234 (FR 1970) Note:G+/G+.
  • "Love Her Madly/Don't Go No Further" 7" Elektra -12011 (FR 1970) Note:VG/VG.
  • "Light My Fire-Best Of" LP Melodia -C60 26467 007 (RU 1988) Note:Official Russian release. G+/VG.
  • "The Ceremony Continues" CD Baktabak Records -CBAK4052 (UK 1992) Note: Interview LA 06-Nov-69. As new.
  • "The Ultimate Collected Spoken Words" 2CD Ozit Records -OZITCD0025 (UK 1997) Note: Interviews London '68,LA '69,Isle of Wight '70. 100+mins. As new.
  • "Seigneurs et nouvelles créatures" book by J.Morrison Christian Bourgois -ISBN 2267000180 (FR 1976) Note:"Lords/New Creatures" UK/FR.272 pages.VG.
  • "This Is The End" scrap book by German Doors fan club Private (GE 198?) Note: Articles from European press on JM's death. 93 pages.NM.
  • "The Doors Collectors Magazine -Issue #1" Magazine TDM (US 1993) Note: 40 pages. Ltd to 1,200 copies. NM.
  • "The Doors Collectors Magazine -Issue #2" Magazine TDM (US 1993) Note: 52 pages. Ltd to 1,500 copies. NM.
  • "The Doors Collectors Magazine -Issue #3" Magazine TDM (US 1993) Note: 60 pages. NM.
  • "The Doors Collectors Magazine -Issue #4" Magazine TDM (US 1994) Note: 48 pages. NM.
  • "The Doors Quarterly Magazine -Issues 1-34" Magazines Fan Club (GE 1984-1996) Note: From a 15 pages xerox zine to a 60 page mag w/ color cover.
  • "Well You Needn't/Poets Day-Malady-Fanfare-Napalm Death Medley-Cover Versions" 7" Rough Trade Singles Club (UK June 1994) Note: New/unplayed.
  • "Girls&Boys/The Rub" 7" Damaged Goods -damgood 78 (UK 1995) Note: New/unplayed. Cover VG+.
  • "Harlem Nocturne/Qualm-Free Zone/Margaret Thatcher/Show Me A Sane Man" 7" Wiiija records -WIJ51 (UK 1996) Note: New/unplayed.
  • "Boots Off!!/Asthma" 7" Wiiija records -WIJ63 (UK 1997) Note: New/unplayed.
  • "Boots Off!!/Asthma/Blue Funk" CDS Wiiija records -WIJ68CD (UK 1997) Note: As new.
  • "Ice Cream For Crow/Tailgating" 7" Damaged Goods -damgood 146 (UK 1998) Note: Ltd ed. of 500 yellow vinyl.New/unplayed.
  • NACHDENKLICHE WEHRPFLICHTIGE:"Politik für junge Leute" 7" EP Zick Zack -ZZ8 (GE 1980) Note: (w/ F.Butzmann/FM Einheit/B.Köster,etc..)VG/VG.
  • MONA MUR: "Jeszcze Polska" 12" Supermax - (GE 1983) Note: (+M.Chung,FM Einheit & A.Hacke). VG+/VG.
  • V/A: "Decoder -Soundtrack" LP What's So Funny About -WSFA SF18 (GE 1985) Note: tracks by FM Einheit, Neubauten, Genesis P.Orridge,etc). VG+/VG.
  • "Fruehlingserwachen" CDS Our Choice/Rough Trade -196-1101-3 16 (GE 1990) Note: 3 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • "Educacao" CDS Our Choice/Rough Trade -196-1129-3 16 (GE 1990) Note: 4 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • "Poles Apart" CDS Our Choice/Rough Trade -195-3446-3 (GE 1998) Note: 3 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • "Everything Or All" CDS Our Choice/Rough Trade -195-3540-3 (GE 1998) Note: 4 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • "Summer Wine" CDS FM 451/Indigo -CD 93122 (GE 2000) Note: 2 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • "Princess Crocodile" CDS FM 451/Indigo -CD 94472 (GE 2000) Note: 2 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • "Rocket" CDS FM 451/Indigo -CD 96452 (GE 2001) Note: 5 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • "Stahlmusik" Cassette Rip Off (GE,1981) Note:Ltd to 600 copies. NM/NM.
  • "Thirsty Animal/ Durstiges Tier" 12" Film Palast/Rip Off records (GE,1983) Note:Red/black shiny cover. G/VG-.
  • "Kollaps" CD Zick Zack records -ZZ65 (GE,1988) Note:VG+/VG+
  • "Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T." CD Rough Trade Deutschland -RTD170.0065.2 (GE,1991) Note:VG+/VG+
  • "Drawings Of O.T." CD Ars Nova (RU,1995) Note:VG+/VG+
  • "Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T./Drawings of OT" CD Some Bizzare records -SBZ056CD (UK,16-Oct-06) Remastered. Note:M/M.
  • "Halber Mensch" CD Some Bizzare records -BART CD331 (UK,1986) Note:VG+/VG+
  • "Fünf auf der nach oben..." LP Some Bizzare records -BART332 (UK,22-Jun-87) White label promo. No sleeve.VG+
  • "Fünf auf der nach oben..." CD Some Bizzare records -BART332CD (UK,22-Jun-87) Note:VG+/VG+
  • "Haus der Lüge" LP Some Bizzare records -BART333 (UK,09-Oct-89) Note:White label promo. No sleeve.VG+
  • "Haus der Lüge" CD Some Bizzare records -BART333CD (UK,09-Oct-89) Note:VG+/VG+
  • "Haus der Lüge" CD Thirsty Ear -THI57017.2 (US,1995) Note:VG+/VG+
  • "Haus der Lüge" CD Ars Nova - ARSN228024/AN99-0309 (RU,1995) Note:VG+/G+
  • "Strategies Against Architecture" Box Mute films -MF001 (UK,Oct-92) Note: Contains "SAA", "SAA II" and "Halber Mensch" VHS. VG-/NM.
  • "Interim" CDS Mute/Elektra records -2459-61509-2 (US,20-Apr-93) Note:Digipack.VG+/VG+
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  • "Malediction" CDEP Our Choice/Rough Trade -RTD195.1516.2 (GE,05-Apr-93) Note: 6 tracks.Digipack.VG+/VG+
  • "Malediction" CDEP Mute/Alfa records -ALCB-758 (JP,21-Apr-93) Note: 8 tracks.Digipack.VG+/VG+ w/OBI.
  • "Liebeslieder" VHS-PAL Studio K7 -021 (GE,Sep-93) Note: 100mins.
  • "Stella Maris" CDS Our Choice/Rough Trade -RTD195.3331.3 (GE,22-Jun-96) Note: VG+/VG+
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  • "Silence Is Sexy -Sampler" CD Mute records -PCDStumm182 (UK,03-Apr-00) Note: 4 tracks. Cardboard sleeve.New/Unplayed.
  • "Rome 05-Mar-2004" 2CDR (2004) Note: original official band produced live CDR. Fold-out cardboard sleeve. New/Unplayed.250 made.
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  • "Milan 09-Mar-2004" 2CDR (2004) Note: original official band produced live CDR. Fold-out cardboard sleeve. New/Unplayed.250 made.
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  • "Bremen 26-Mar-2004" 2CDR (2004) Note: original official band produced live CDR. Fold-out cardboard sleeve. New/Unplayed.250 made.
  • "Grundstueck" CD -Neubauten-2 (Sep-05) Note: 'Supporter'-only. Cardboard sleeve. New/Unplayed. Ltd ed.
  • "Weil Weil Weil" CDS Potomak/Indigo -2007/9 (GE,08-Apr-08) Note: New/Unplayed.
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  • "Halber Mensch", a Sohgo Ishii film. DVD-PAL Cherry Red -CRDVD80 (UK,Mar-05) Note: Some Bizzare release. 58mins. As new.
  • "Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala" T-Shirt Topex (GE 199x) Note: Size XXL/White. Album cover on front. Never worn. New.
  • "Stahlmusik" LP Ruckzuck records (GE 1998) Note: pirate release of "Stahlmusik" cassette. Black/white cover. New/Unplayed.
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  • "Leuven,Broadway 06-Dec-84" poster Size:86x61cm (33x24inch). Note:Good/Fair condition. (was pinned on wall)
  • "What Part Of Get Thee Gone.." CD SFTRI 481 (US 1997) Note: (with Bronwyn Adams [Crime & City Solution].As new.
  • "Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home" CD Hut Records -CDHUT28 (UK 1995)
  • "A Certain Level Of Denial" CD Rykodisc -RCD40317 (US 1994) Note: with 50 page booklet
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  • FOETUS:"Rife" T-Shirt (GE 1988) Note: Size XXL/Black. Album cover on front. Never worn. New.
  • FOETUS:"Groningen,Vera 11-Sep-88" poster Size:63x43cm (25x17inch). Note:Good condition (folded).
  • GARAGE MONSTERS:"Powerhouse!" 7" Sympathy For The Record Industry -SFTRI34 (US 1990) Note: Jim G.Thirlwell & The Pizz.VG+/VG+.
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  • EXIT: Issue #4 -Magazine (US 1989) Note: A-3 sized mag w/ collabs from J.G.Thirlwell,R.Kern,Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins, etc.. 92 pages.
  • "Preliminary Impact Report" CD Mobilization Records (US 2003) Note: With Ethan Port of Savage republic. As new.
  • "Draggin' Along" T-Shirt (UK 1992) Note: Size XXL/Black. Single cover on front. Never worn. New.
  • V/A: "The Camden Crawl" CD Love train - CD PUBE07 (UK 1995) Note: (tracks by Gallon Drunk, Penthouse, Wedding Present,..) VG+/NM.
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  • "Coffins Have No Pockets" CD Id/Mercury -idPromo7 (AU 1998) Note: Interview to the "Devil Drives" album.Cardsleeve.New.
  • V/A:"Music For Film & Television #3" 2CD Polygram (AU 1997) Note: New. Promo.(exclusive tracks by D.Graney,Low,Ed Kuepper,S.Kilbey,T.Perkins,etc..)
  • V/A:"To Hall and Bacharach" T-Shirt Aussie Sun (PRC 1992) Note: Size XL/White. Album cover on front. Never worn. New.
  • "Miami" CD Sympathy For The Record Industry -SFTRI 740 (US,12-Oct-04) Note: NM/NM.
  • "The Las Vegas Story" CD Sympathy For The Record Industry -SFTRI 742 (US,12-Oct-04) Note: NM/NM.
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  • JEFFREY LEE PIERCE: "Love & Desperation" 7" Statik records -TAK36 (UK 1985) Note: VG+/VG+.
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  • JEFFREY LEE PIERCE: "Ramblin' Jeffrey Lee" CD Solid - 527-9012-20 (NL 1992)
  • V/A: "The Return Of The Furious Swamp Riders" CD Strange Ways -WAY41 (GE 1993) Note: (tracks by Gun Club, Jonathan Richman, Walkabouts, etc..)
  • MALARIA: "Delirium" CD MFS records -MFS7040-2 (GE 1993) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • V/A: "Freispiel" CD EMI Electrola 724383815128 (GE 1993) Note: (tracks by members of Killing Joke, New Order, Can , Gudrun Gut, ..) VG+/VG+
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  • NEGATIVELAND:"Escape From Noise" LP + booklet SST Records SST133 (US,1987) Note: (with Alex Hacke,Jello Biafra, Residents, Fred Frith,etc.. ).
  • V/A:"Gegen die Wand" Soundtrack CD Normal -N253CD (GE,2004) Note: (tracks by Alex Hacke, Sisters Of Mercy, Mona Mur, turkish bands,..). New.
  • V/A:"Kunst oder König" CD CD mediaservice (GE,2002) Note: (tracks by Alex Hacke, Jochen Arbeit, Zeitblom, Fuzzy Love, etc). New.
  • "Motion Picture Music '94-'05" CD-R Mute (UK 2006) Note: Promo CD-R.
  • "Send His Love To Me" CDS Island -CID610/854 433-2 (UK 1995) Note: In cardboard envelope with 4 postcards.VG/NM.
  • "Sweat tour" poster Size:82x60cm (32x24inch). Note:Good condition (folded). Generic tour poster.
  • "Teenage Snuff Film" CD Cooking Vinyl -CookCD199(UK 2000) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "Pop Crimes/ A Girl Called Jonny" 7" Passport Label (AU 2009) Note: New/Unplayed. VG/NM.
  • JEREMY GLUCK:"Looking for a place to fall" 12" Tuff!Enuff records -tuff-t-01 (UK 1987) Note: (with N.Sudden&RS.Howard).New/Unplayed.
  • CHRIS HASKETT:"Language" CD 2.13.61 Records -213CD02 (US 1995) Note: (with R.S.Howard on 4 tracks).
  • THESE IMMORTAL SOULS:"Get lost,don't Lie" LP Mute records (AU 1999) Note: New/Unplayed. Cover:VG.
  • V/A: "He Died With A Felafel In His Hands": CD FMR -334082 (AU 2001) Note: Soundtrack to film. (with exclusive R.S.Howard track).
  • V/A: "Step Right Up": CD Caroline -724384111427 (NL 1995) Note: (Tom Waits songs by These Immortal Souls, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Tindersticks,..)
  • "My Boyfriend Is An Outlaw" 7" Munster records -7027 (SP 1991) Note: With Tony Thewlis (Scientists) NM/NM.
  • "New York - London 1981-86" 2CD Hip Priest -HIPP001 CD (UK 2004) Note: 25 tracks collection of Phil Shoenfelt's band. As new.
  • "The Kids" LP Philips -6320041 (EU 200x) Note: Best Belgian punk. 'Fan-club' re-release. VG+/NM.
  • "Naughty Kids" LP Fontana -9199915 (EU 200x) Note: Best Belgian punk. 'Fan-club' re-release. VG+/NM.
  • "Black Out" LP Mercury -6468062 (NL 1981) Note: Best Belgian punk. Original. G+/VG-.
  • "Beat Up the Old Shack/Grand Life" 7" Prince Melon records -PM010 (AU 1982) Note: Ollie Olsen & John Murphy. No cover sleeve.G+.
  • "Mondo Carnale" LP Vinyl On Demand records -VOD14 (GE 2005) Note: Compilation of 1981-89 recordings. New/Unplayed. Ltd to 500.
  • THE LAUGHING CLOWNS: "History Of Rock N' Roll - Volume One" CD Hot records -HOT1010 (AU 2002) Note: NM/NM.
  • THE LAUGHING CLOWNS: "Ghosts Of An Ideal Wife" CD Hot records -HOT1013 (AU 2002) Note: NM/NM.
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  • "Honey Steel's Gold" CD UFO records -UFO 7CD (UK 1992) Note: VG+/NM-.
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  • "Take The Guitar Player For A Ride" CD Tim Kerr records - TK93CD043 (US 1993) Note: As new.
  • "Paradiso" CD Oxygen Music Works -OMWCD11 (US 1998) Note: Live in Amsterdam. As new.
  • DU-TELS: "No Knowledge Of Music Required" CD Shimmy Disc Records -SHM-5103 (US 2000) Note: with Peter Stampfel. As new.
  • "The Universe of Absence" CD Bvhaast -0105 (NL 2004) Note: with Jozef Van Wissem. As new.
  • "Coming Clean" CD Prod Spec -PS817 (FR 2005) Note: with Gods & Monsters. As new.
  • FAST 'N' BULBOUS: "Prok Chop Blue.." CD Cuneiform Records -Rune 205 (US 2005) Note: As new.
  • URFAUST: "The Ghosts Of Prague" CD Faust Records -FR06-2331 (CZ 1996) Note: NM/NM.
  • V/A:"Live At The Knitting Factory Vol.2" CD A&M records -5276 (US,1989) Note: Live @ the Knitting Factory (Gary Lucas, Fred Frith, ...)
  • V/A:"Knitting Factory Tours Europe 1991" CD Enemy -EMY121-2 (GE,1991) Note: Live @ the Knitting Factory (James Blood Ulmer, Gary Lucas,...)
  • TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS: "PRE" (The Closet//Less Of Me/My Eyes) 12" EP ZE records -ZE12011(FR 1979) Note: F/G+.
  • QUEEN OF SIAM: "Spooky (stereo)/Spooky (mono)" 7" Fetish records -FE19 (UK 1980) Note: VG/VG.
  • EIGHT EYED SPY: "Diddy Wah Diddy/Dead You Me Bside" 7" UFO Records -UFO/PF1 (UK,Jul-91) Note: NM (no sleeved promo).
  • "The Crumb//Done Dun/Dead River" 12" Widowspeak/Rough Trade (UK 1987) Note: with members of The Birthday Party.New/Unplayed.
  • Lydia Lunch: "Oral Fixation (excerpt)"/Emilio Cubeiro: "Respect Is Grey." 7" flexi. Catalogue -CAT070 (UK,May-89) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "The Gun Is Loaded" VHS-NTSC Mystic Fire Video (US 1990) Note: New/Sealed.
  • "Twisted/Past Glas" 7" Insipid Records -NO03 (AU 1991) Note: with Clint Ruin & Z'EV. Black vinyl.New/Unplayed.
  • "Matrikamantra" CD" Crippled Dick Hotwax/EFA -CDHW 050 (GE,24-Apr-98) Note: Promo of 1st disc. Cardboard sleeve.
  • "Widowspeak" 2CD" NMC records -Pilot9 (UK 1999) Note: Compilation album with rare and unreleased tracks.New/Unplayed.
  • "In Our Time Of Dying" CDR" Widowspeak Records (US 2003) Note: 1 studio/4 live tracks.New/Unplayed.
  • "Video Hysterie: 1978-2006" DVD Atavistic -DR-4550 (US 2008) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "Adulterers Anonymous" book Grove Press -ISBN 0-394-62412-2(US 1982) Note: Poetry book with Exene Cervenka.First edition.
  • "Toxic Gumbo" Comic DC Comics-Vertigo (US 1998) Note: story by Lunch,drawings by Ted McKeever.New.
  • "Paradoxia - A Predator's Diary" book Creation Books -ISBN 1 84068 008 3 (UK 1997) Note: Paperback. Used.
  • "Paradoxia - Journal d'une prédatrice" book Le Serpent A Plumes (FR 1999) Note: Paperback. French translation of novel. New.
  • "Save The Wails" T-Shirt Ched by Anvil (USA 199x) Note: Size XL/White. Pic of Lydia on front. Never worn. New.
  • SHOTGUN WEDDING:"Shotgun Wedding" T-Shirt Supatees (EU 1991) Note: Size XL/Black. Album cover on front. Never worn. New.
  • SHOTGUN WEDDING:"Utrecht,Tivoli 27-Nov-91" poster Size:46x63cm (18x25inch). Note:Fair condition (was pasted on wall).
  • SCOTT & BETH B.:"Black Box" VHS-NTSC Nomad Video (US,199x) Note: + "G-Man" and "Letters To Dad". 65mins.
  • BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS:"OperattAmorale" CD Divine Frequency -DivF 01 (CH,04-Jul-05) Note:with Lydia Lunch on 1 track.Digipak.As new.
  • BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS:"The Impossible Of Silence" 2CD Old Europa Cafe -OECD 086 (IT,10-Jul-06) Note:with Lydia Lunch on 1 track.Digipak.As new.
  • BLITZSPEER:"Saves" CD Epic Records -47856 (US,1991) Note:with Lydia Lunch (voice) on "Mother Superior".VG+/VG+
  • BLOW-UP:"Exploding Plastic Pleasure" CD Electrovenus Records -EVR-2468 CD (US,03-Jun-03) Note:with Lydia, Debby Harry, Dee Dee Ramone,etc..As new.
  • ETANT DONNES:"Re-Up" CD Les Disques du Soleil -C-DSA54061 (FR,07-Dec-99) Note:with Lydia Lunch on 1 track.VG+/NM.
  • THE FLOORS:"Superbe" CD Dead Elvis Records -DE 010 (IR,18-Nov-96) Note:with Lydia Lunch (voice) on "No Excuse".VG+/NM
  • HERE:"Brooklyn Bank" CD Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti -300 494 2 (IT,Sep-98) Note:with Lydia Lunch on 3 tracks. As new.
  • RICHARD KERN:"Fingered" VHS-PAL Jörgen Brüning (GE,1989) Note: + "The Manhatten Love Suicides", "The Right Side Of My Brain". 85mins.
  • KRISTIAN HOFFMAN:"&" CD Eggbert Records -ER80032 (US,11-Jun-02) Note:with Lydia Lunch (voice) on "Mother Superior".VG+/VG+
  • LAB REPORT:"Unhealty" CD Invisible Records -INV031CD (US,19-May-94) Note:with Lydia Lunch on 1 track. As new.
  • MEATHEAD:"Dick Smoker" CDS Sub/Mission Record -CDsWHIP005 (IT,1994) Note:with Lydia Lunch vocals on 1 track.NM/VG+.
  • MINOX:"U-Turn" CDS Suite Inc. -Suite Inc.7 (IT,23-Oct-98) Note:Ltd. to 1000 copies. NM/NM.
  • MINOX:"Downworks" CD Suite Inc. -Suite Inc.9 (IT,30-Mar-02) Note: NM/NM.
  • MY LIFE WITH THE TRILL KILL KULT:"..Cuz It's Hot" CDS TVT Records -TVT 8640-2 (US,1993) Note:with Lydia Lunch vocals on "..Cuz It's Hot".As new.
  • MY LIFE WITH THE TRILL KILL KULT:"13 Above The Night" CD Rykodisc -RCD 10462 (US,06-Apr-99) Note:with Lydia Lunch vocals on 2 tracks. As new.
  • MY LIFE WITH THE TRILL KILL KULT:"Dirty Little Secrets" CD Rykosdisc -RCD 10492 (US,26-Oct-99) Note:Lydia Lunch vocals on "Dirty Little Secrets".As new.
  • OX BOW: "King Of The Jews" LP CFY records -CFY010 (US 1991) Note: with Lydia guest vocals on 2 tracks.VG/VG+.
  • SHOCK HEADED PETERS:"Fear Engine II" CD Cyclops Prod -CP131-05CD (UK,1993) Note:Lydia Lunch vocals on 3 tracks.As new.
  • UNIFORM:"Protocol" CD Planet Mu Records -ZIQ144CD (UK,03-Apr-06) Note:Lydia Lunch vocals on 1 track.As new.
  • NICK ZEDD:"The Wild World Of Lydia Lunch" VHS-NTSC Weirdo Video/MWF Video Club (US,199x) Note: +"The Bogus Man", "Thrust In Me"+2. 58mins.
  • NICK ZEDD:"Steal This Video" VHS-NTSC Film Threat (US 1994) Note: "The Wild World Of Lydia Lunch"+"The Bogus Man","Thrust In Me"+2. 90mins.
  • V/A:"Drinking From Puddles" CD Kill Rock Stars -KRS318 (US 1998) Note: (live tracks by Lydia Lunch, Cat Power, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, etc..).NM/NM.
  • V/A:"Fear Power God" Cassette CFY Records - CFY 004 (US,Jan-88) Note: (spoken word by Lydia Lunch, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, etc..).NM/NM.
  • V/A:"Home Alive" 2CD Epic/Sony Records -483820 2 (AU,1996) Note: with Lydia Lunch,Nirvana,Pearl Jam,etc..As new.
  • V/A:"Il Juke-Box Del Diavolo" CD Fridge Records/Helter Skelter -Fridge666CD (IT,1998) Note: with Lydia Lunch,Jim Filer Coleman,etc..As new.
  • V/A:"Out Of Their Mouths Mk2" 2CD Atavistic Records -ALP38CD (US 1996) Note: (tracks by Teenage Jesus, Mars, Lydia Lunch, Glenn Branca, etc..).NM/NM.
  • V/A:"Reciprocess: +/VS." CD The Wire (UK,March 2009). (US 1996) Note: incl. Lydia Lunch and Philippe Petit. Unplayed.
  • V/A:"Songs Of The Witchblade" CD Dreamworks -DRMD-50120 (US,08-Sep-98) Note: with Lydia Lunch,Babes In Toyland,etc..As new.
  • V/A: "Speed Trials" LP Homestead -HMS011 (US 1984) Note: (The Fall, Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch, Swans,.. live NYC May-83).VG/VG.
  • V/A:"Tellus #18" Cassette Harvestworks -CM931 (US,1987) Note: (spoken word by Lydia Lunch, Ann Magnuson, Mike Kelley w/Sonic Youth, etc..).NM/NM.
  • V/A:"Trying To Make It To The End Of The Century" LP G3G Records (SP 1991) Note: (exclusive by Lydia Lunch, Josh Lazie, Emilio Cubeiro, etc..).NM/NM.
  • V/A:"Wake The Dead" CD-R Sex and Guts (US 2003) Note: (tracks by Handsome Family,Lydia Lunch,Steve Wynn,GG Allin,Gene Gregorits,..)
  • V/A:"Workdogs In Hell" CD Sympathy for the Record Industry -SFTRI 212 (US,1992) Note: with Lydia,Foetus,Jad Fair,Moe Tucker .As new.
  • "Engine Shudder" LP Red Flame - (UK 1985) Note: G+/VG.
  • "Fatal Charm" CD Eggbert -ER80011CD (US 1994) Note: 23 tracks collection of Kristian Hoffman (Lydis Lunch) and Lance Loud's late '70 NYC band. As new.
  • "New York Tapes 1972-1973" CD Munster records -MRCD167 (SP 2000) Note: NYC studio Summer 1972 + March 1973. As new.
  • "The Glamerous Life -Live" CD Big Ear Music -EAZ4022 (US 1999) Note: 6 tracks NYC studio March 1973/ 7 tracks live NYC March 1975. As new.
  • "Live In Concert Paris 1974" CD Red Star/Castle Music -ESNCD734 (US 1999) Note: 11 tracks live Paris 01-Dec-73. Radio b'cast. As new.
  • "Trash (Don't Take My Life Away)" LP Desdemonia (FR 1974) Note: live Detroit 31-Dec-73.
  • "Hootchie Cootchie Dolls" CD Solid Records -CDSOL0016 (JP 1998) Note: 5 tracks live Santa Monica 16-Mar-74 + 8 tracks studio NYC 72/73. As new.
  • "Dolls Live: Dallas'74" LP Smilin' Ears (US 1979) Note: live Dallas 16/19-Sep-74.
  • "I'm A Human Being(Live)" CD Receiver -RRCD260 (UK 1998) Note: 8 tracks live Vancouver 2x-Sep-74 + 7 tracks live NYC March 1975. As new.
  • "Looking For A Kiss" LP Company Records (US 1989) Note: live Montr?al 27-Sep-74 + studio NYC 72/73.
  • "Red Patent Leather" CD Last Call records -422412WM329 (FR 1999) Note: 11 tracks live NYC March 1975. As new.
  • "OGRE-SSE" LP Vinyl On Demand records -VOD13 (GE 2005) Note: Compilation of 1982-84 recordings. Incl booklet. New/Unplayed. Ltd to 500.
  • "In The Blink Of An Eye" T-Shirt Screen Stars (IR 1992) Note: Size XL/Black. Album cover on front. Never worn. New.
  • P16.D4
  • "Wahrnehmungen" 3LP Box Vinyl On Demand records -VOD18B (GE 2005) Note: Compilation of 1980-81 tapes. Incl booklet + 7". New/Unplayed. Ltd to 500.
  • "Sad but true" CD Red Eye records -REDCD37 (AU 1993) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "Dark Horses" CD Grudge/Universal records -159612 (AU 2000) Note: (w/ Jim White of Dirty Three).Digipak. New/Unplayed.
  • V/A:"Totally Wireless" CD EMI records -4796002 (AU 1993) Note: (live tracks by Tex Perkins,Blackeyed Susans, Ed Kuepper, Dave Graney,.... VG+/NM.
  • KID & KHAN: "Bad English" CD Transsolar records - SOL023 (GE 1999) Note: Includes 9mins live video.
  • KHAN: "No Comprendo" CD Matador records - OLE497-2 (US 2001) Note: (with Kid, Jon Spencer, Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise,..) NM/NM.
  • "Live In Wolow Jail" CD Gustaff Records (PL 2009) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "Le 12 Mars 1977 a Tachikawa" 2CD Over Level -001 (UK)
  • "Deep Throat" 6CD Box Set Quarterstick Records -QS0013 (US 1992) Note: Spoken word. Live USA 1987-1990 & Europe 1989. NM/NM.
  • "The Boxed Life" 2CD 2.13.61/Imago Records -72787-21009-2 (US 1992) Note: Spoken word. Live Ireland, USA & Australia 1989-1992. NM/NM.
  • "In Conversation" CD Baktabak Records -CBAK 4044 (UK 1995) Note: Interviews with Henry. 70+mins. NM/NM.
  • "Everything" 2CD 2.13.61 Records -213CD009 (UK 1996) Note: Audio Book with music by Charles Gayle & Rashied Ali. NM/NM.
  • "Black Coffee Blues" 2CD 2.13.61 Records -thi21321.2 (US 1997) Note: Audio Book with music by Chris Haskett. NM/NM.
  • "Think Tank" 2CD Dreamworks Records -DRMD2-50054 (US 1998) Note: Spoken word. Live Chicago 1998 + Live Australia 1997. NM/NM.
  • "A Rollins In The Wry" CD Quarterstick Records -QS63CD (US 2000) Note: Spoken word. Live Luna Park,Los Angeles Spring 1999. NM/NM.
  • "Fanatic - Volume #1" Book 2.13.61 (US 2006) Note: NM/NM.
  • SAAL 2
  • "Weil das System nicht funktioniert" LP Vinyl On Demand records -VOD21 (GE 2005) Note: Compilation of early Zick Zack releases.New.Ltd to 500.
  • & THE SURREALISTS: "Sin Factory" CD Red Eye/Polydor/Normal records -REDCD33 (GE 1993) Note: Their best album. As new.
  • & THE SURREALISTS: "Hell Is Where My Heart Is" CDEP Red Eye/Normal records -RED34CD (GE 1994) Note: Digipak. 3 studio/5 live tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • & THE SURREALISTS: "What's Inside Your Box" CDS Red Eye/Polydor records -8515752 (AU 1995) Note: 3 tracks. VG+/VG+.
  • & THE SURREALISTS: "The Zipper" CDS Half A Cow records -Promoo16 (AU 1997) Note: Cardboard sleeve. 1 track promo. As new.
  • & THE BUSINESS: "Saving Me From Me" CDS Half A Cow records -HAC85 (AU 1999) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • & THE BUSINESS: "Disconnected" CDS Half A Cow records -HAC88 (AU 2000) Note: As new.
  • "I'll Be Around -Escobar Remix EP" CDS Half A Cow records -HAC95 (AU 2002) Note: 4 track. As new.
  • ANTENNA: "Come On Spring" CDS Mushroom records -MUSH01821.2 (AU 1998) Note: Electronic music, with Kim Salmon.
  • ANTENNA: "Installation" CD Mushroom records -MUSH33155.2 (AU 1998) Note: Electronic music, with Kim Salmon.
  • V/A: "Fingerprints Vol 2" CD Kulturgelände Nonntal -CDC061188 (A 1996) Note: (exclusive live tracks by Kim Salmon, Walkabouts, Giant Sand,etc..) NM/NM.
  • V/A: "Silos And Utility Sheds" CD Glitterhouse records -GRCD361 (GE 1996) Note: (tracks by Kim Salmon, Chris & Carla,Cosmic Twins, etc..).VG+/NM
  • "Soon will be tomorrow" CD Anchor & Hope records -AHD004CD (AU 1999) Note: Small defect in 1 song.
  • "Tragic Figures" CD Fundamental/Southern Sound Save021CD (FR 199?)
  • "Trek-Siege-Assembly-Trudge" CD Fundamental/Southern Sound Save022CD (FR 199?)
  • "Jamahiriya" CD Fundamental Save061CD (US 199?) Note: In handprinted oat sleeve.
  • "Customs" CD Fundamental/Southern Sound Save071CD (FR 199?)
  • "Ceremonial" CD-R Mobilization (US 2006) Note: Vocas and studio outtakes. Compiled by Ethan Port. As new.
  • "Flüstern/Move" 7" Armageddon Records -AS019 (UK 1981) Note: VG+/VG
  • "The Woman In The Dunes" CD RE:PCD02 (UK 2000) Note: Ex Siouxsie & Banshees. As new.
  • "Beauty & The Beast" CD Subconscious Music -SMCD01 (UK 2005) Note: Ex Siouxsie & Banshees. As new.
  • "London Voodoo" CD Subconscious Music -SMCD02 (UK 2005) Note: Ex Siouxsie & Banshees. As new.
  • "Youth Against Fascism/Purr" 7" Geffen -GFS26 (US 1992) Note: VG/VG+.
  • "Sonic Life" Fan book Stampa Alternativa -Sconcerto #27 (IT 10/1995) Note: w/ 3 track 3" CDS (incl. Su Nioj/Shaking Hell/Little Jammy Thing).
  • SPK
  • "Information Overload Unit" LP Normal records -Normal 9 (GE 1985) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "Leichenschrei" LP Side Effekts records -SER 02 (UK 1983) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "Dekomposiones" 12" Side Effekts records -SER 03 (UK 1983) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "Auto-Da-Fe" LP Walter Ulbricht records -WULP 002 (GE 1983) Note: VG+/VG+. With Postcard.
  • "Zamia Lehmanni - Songs Of Byzantine Flowers" LP Side Effekts records -SER 09 (UK 1986) Note: VG/VG+.
  • "Oceania - In Performance 1987" LP Side Effekts records -SER 11 (UK 1988) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "Rubber Legs" LP + "Gimmie Danger/I Need Somebody" 7" Fan Club/New Rose records -FC037 (FR 1987) Note: Rehearsals 1973/74. NM/NM.
  • "Open Up And Bleed" CD Bomp -BCD4051(US 1995) Note: CBS rehearsals July 1973 + Live 1973. Cover:G/Disc:NM.
  • "Year Of The Iguana" CD Bomp -BCD4063(US 1997) Note: Great quality rare tracks. NM/NM.
  • "35 years of noxious sounds" Fan book Stampa Alternativa -Sonic Book #16 (IT 11/1998) Note: with THE IGUANAS: 4 track CDS.
  • "Mr. Cocktail/White-Eye" 7" Bad Vugum - BAD-17 (FI 1991) Note: Crazy Finnish rock. NM/NM.
  • "Forestside/Rag Paradise" 7" Bad Vugum - BAD-26 (FI 1992) Note: Crazy Finnish rock. NM/NM.
  • "Well-Dressed Meat" CD Bad Vugum - BAD-32 (FI 1992) Note: Crazy Finnish rock. NM/NM.
  • "Branchline/Diesel Engine" 7" Bad Vugum - BAD-40 (FI 1993) Note: Crazy Finnish rock. NM/NM.
  • "Swamp/External" 7" Well- 002 (FI 1992) Note: NM/NM.
  • "Guidance" CDS Tangering records -TANG-003 (FI 1994) Note: NM/NM.
  • TASS 2
  • "Unterhaltung" LP Vinyl On Demand records -VOD15 (GE 2005) Note:New/Unplayed. Ltd to 500.
  • "The Blow-Up" Cassette Roir -A144 (US 1982) Note: Live 1978. NM/NM
  • "Fairland" CD Microphone records -MPHcd017 (IT 1994) Note: Demos early 1975 + live CBGB.NM/NM.
  • "Live In S.Francisco" CD 4 Aces records -FAR005 (IT 1994) Note: Live @ the Old Waldorf 29-Jun-78. Taken from radio broadcast.NM/NM.
  • "Last Live In Portland Oregon" CD Twin Tails records -BGS1993-10 (IT 1993) Note: Live @ The Earth Tavern on 03-Jul-78.NM/NM.
  • "The Ruby Sea" CD Frontier records - 31042-2 (US 1991) Note: As new.
  • "L.A.M.F.-The Lost '77 mixes" CD Jungle -Freud CD 044E (UK 1994) Note: 10 page liner notes by N.Antonia.CD incl."Chinese Rocks" vid.
  • "...In cold blood" book by Nina Antonia Cherry Red (UK 2000) Note: biography updated edition, with CD. New/unread.
  • "No More Affairs/Instrumental" 7" This Way Up -WAY3811 (UK 1994) Note: New/Unplayed.
  • "No More Affairs/Instrumental/Fruitless" CDS This Way Up -WAY3833 (UK 1994) Note: NM/VG+.
  • "Tindersticks (2nd album)" CD This Way Up -526 303-2 (UK 1995)
  • V/A: "The Eleventh Adventure" LP + Adventure zine #11 /1993 Guiding Lights -Jewel-11 (DK 1993) Note: (incl. Thin White Rope,Tindersticks,etc..)VG+/VG+.
  • "The Tingler" CD Tingler -TNG001 (AU 2000) Note: Ash Wednesday's (from Einst?rzende Neubauten) project.
  • SMOG: "'Neath The Puke Tree" CDEP Spunk records -URA035 (AU 2000) Note: With Jim White (Dirty Three) on drums.VG+/NM.
  • MICK TURNER: "Art Carts" Postcards (AU 200x) Note: 20 art cards in a cardboard box. New.
  • "You Don't Miss Your Water//Convent Walls/Beautiful Waste/You Don't Miss" 12" Hot/Rough Trade Records -HOT1226 (UK 1985) Note: NM/NM.
  • "Bright Lights Big City/Monkey On My Back//Field Of Glass" 12" Hot/Cartel Records -HOT12007 (UK 1985) Note: NM/NM.
  • "In The Pines" CD Mushroom Records -MUSH32419.2 (AU 1986) Note: NM/NM.
  • "Born Sandy Devotional" CD Mushroom Records -MUSH32417.2 (AU 1986) Note: NM/NM.
  • "Bury Me Deep In Love//Baby Can I Walk You Home/Region Unknown" 12" Island Records -12IS337 (UK 1987) Note: VG+/NM.
  • "Trick Of The Light//Love The Fever/Bad News/Everything You Touch" 12" Island Records -12IS350 (UK 1988) Note: VG+/NM.
  • "Calenture" CD Mushroom Records -MUSH32418.2 (AU 1991) Note: NM/NM.
  • "Treeless Plain" CD Mushroom Records -MUSH32421.2 (AU 1995) Note: NM/NM.
  • "The Black Swan" CD White Hot -30057 (AU 1999) Note: NM/NM.
  • "Don't Tell Me Stories" LP Vinyl On Demand records -VOD17 (GE 2005) Note: Compilation of all their releases.New/Unplayed. Ltd to 500.
  • V/A:"Song and Legend" 2LP Abstract -AABT700 (UK 1988) Note: (exclusive tracks by N.U.Unruh, Helios Creed,Leather Nun,Abwärts,etc..)G+/VG.
  • MIKE V.A.M.P.
  • "Omni Rottens" Cassette 007 Tapes (GE 1985) Note: Berlin underground stuff.
  • "Jump In The Grave/Exit Music" 7" Tongue Master -TONG0010 (UK 1999) Note: with Jim Sclavunos & Thomas Wydler (both Bad Seeds).New.
  • "The First Night" Live2CD Aulica -A.2151 (IT 1994) Note: Dallas,End Of Cole Ave, October 18-19, 1969. Regular version.
  • "The Lost Live Tapes 1969" Live CD Dv.GIG -DGCD024 (GE 1994) Note: Dallas,End Of Cole Ave, October 18, 1969.
  • "The March Of The Wooden Soldiers" Live LP Evil Mother rec. DIG-01 (UK 1994) Note: Hilltop 02-Aug-69,End of Cole Ave 18-Nov-69& demos '69.
  • "The Velvet Down Underground" CD Birdland (AU 1992) Note: (Tribute by Cosmic Psychos,Painters & Dockers,Bored and other Australian bands).
  • "The Velvet Underground Handbook" book by Mike Kostek Black Spring Press (UK 1992) Note: New.
  • V/A:RED KROSS/MOE TUCKER//UNREST flexi disc The Bob 110543-1ABS (US 1994) Note: free with issue #47 of The Bob magazine. New/Unplayed.
  • HITS BERLIN: "Vorwärts/Rückwärts" 7" Monogam -003 (GE 1981) Note: VG+/VG+.
  • "Alimony Blues" CDEP Aurora/Mushroom records -D11300 (AU 1992) Note: 1 studio/4 live tracks. As new.
  • "Strange Love" CDEP Aurora/Mushroom records -D1350 (AU 1996) Note: 4 tracks. As new.
  • CZUKAY/WOBBLE/LIEBEZEIT:"Full Circle" CD Caroline Records -Carol 1876-2 (US 1992) Note: Compilation of 1981/82 singles.As new.
  • THEO HAKOLA: "Overflow" CD Grosse Rose Records -121712 (FR 1997) Note: Thomas plays drums on 7 tracks. NM/NM.
  • "Micromminiature Love" CD Sub Pop records - SPCD 508 (US 2003) Note: As new.
  • "Ausländer Raus" a film by Paul Poet DVD-PAL Monitorpop -mpedvd19 (GE,01-Aug-05) Note: As new.
  • "Benicassim 2004" 2DVD-PAL Maraworld -SM-018 (SP,Jul-05) Note: (live tracks by Neubauten,Franz Ferdinand,Tindersticks,Wire, etc..) As new.
  • "Eine eigene Gesellschaft mit eigener Moral" CD What's SFA -SF132 (GE,1992) Note:(tracks by Die Haut, Mutter, Alert w/ Alan Vega,etc..) VG+/NM.
  • "Geräusche für die 90er" CD What's So Funny About -SF100 (GE,1990) Note:(tracks by Die Haut, KMFDM, Die Erde, Westbam, etc..) VG+/NM.
  • "The Last Of England" LP Mute records -Ionic1 (UK,1987) Note:Soundtrack to Derek Jarman film (incl. Barry Adamson,Diamanda Galas,...).VG+/VG+.
  • "Testament" 7" box RRRecords -RRR-064 (US 1988) Note: 5 singles & 14 page booklet.(tracks by Zbigniew Karkowski, and 12 more..).VG+/VG+.
  • "Unbelievably Shocking #1" CD-R UB (AU 2005) Note: free with Unbelievably Bad mag. (tracks by Beasts Of Bourbon, Bird Blobs, etc..) As new.
  • "Volume 15 -Technology Alert" CD/CR-ROM + booklet Volume -15VCD15 (UK 1995) Note: (tracks by Cocteau Twins, New Order, Mick Harvey,..).VG+/NM
  • "Another Room Magazine" zine (US 1985) Note: (Diamanda Galas, Nick Cave, etc..). NM.
  • "Exit magazine- issue #4" magazine (US 198x) Note: 92 pages (Joe Coleman, R.Kern, Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins,..etc..). VG-.
  • "Fuck you heroes" book by Glen E. Friedman Burning Flags Press (US 1994) Note: Large hardcover. Glen's 1976-1991 photographs.
  • "Mute - Statement 2 - 2001" booklet Mute records (UK 2001) Note: fully illustrated 95 pages Mute catalogue. New.
  • "The Next Thing" book by C.Walker Kangaroo Press (AU 1984) Note: Cover:VG+ (about Birthday Party,Go-Betweens,Scientists,Triffids, etc..)
  • "Notes From The Pop Underground" book by Peter Belsito Last Gasp -ISBN 0967193379 (US 1985) Note:(D.Galas,Jello Biafra,Survival Research,..)As new.
  • "France Preseren: Sonnets of Unhappiness" audio book Sanje -ISBN 9619057392 (SLOV 2000) Note: (Poems read by S.Callow, V.Redgrave, etc..). VG+/NM.
  • "Purr -issue#4" magazine Blue Eyed Dog (UK 1995) Note: with writings by M.Gira,B.Adamson,I.Pop,H.Rollins,etc..
  • "Rapid Eye" book, edited by Simon Dwyer R.E Publishing -ISBN 09513161805 (UK 1989) Note:(Burroughs,Crowley,P-Orridge,..) 200 pages. Very large. NM.
  • "The Art Of Rock" book Artabras- ISBN0896600254 (US 1987) Note: Reproductions of Rock posters.516 pages. NM.
  • "The Final Academy" booklet (UK 1982) Note: (Burroughs, Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV etc..). 57 pages. NM.
  • "Touch:Magnetic North" book + cassette The Cartel (UK 1985) Note: VG+.
  • "Vision - Issue #2" zine (CH 1987) Note: German/UK language (Coil: long Jon Balance interview (Uk), etc..). VG+. 50 pages.
  • "Vision - Issue #5" zine (CH 1987) Note: German language (Death In June, Coil, Current 93, Foetus, Laibach, etc..). NM. 50 pages.

Wants list 1

Below is list of items I'm looking either to buy or to trade for items from the above "For Trade" lists. Inquiries or offers: Hans (don't forget to remove the anti spam section).


01.DIRTY THREE: Dirty Three -Cassette (Scuzz Production -SCUZZ001 -AU 1992).Note: Early gig give-away.
02.THE DRONES: The Drones -CDEP (no label -AU 2001) 
03.FERAL DINOSAURS: Ramblin' Man -7" (Major records -AU 1985)
04.FERAL DINOSAURS: 50 Miles From Home -7" (Major records -AU 1985)
05.FUNGUS BRAINS: That's Right -12" (Frock records -AU 1991)
06.SEA SCOUTS: Pattern Recognition CD (Patsy records -Patsy004 -AU 1998)
07.THESE FUTURE KINGS: After This (a.k.a. These Future Kings) -MLP (Rampant records -MLRR006 -AU 1987)
08.VARIOUS ARTISTS: Crowd -Cassette (AU 10/1983). Note: 'style' magazine made by Andrew Maine. 
09.VARIOUS ARTISTS: Distant Violins-Issue #15 -Cassette (AU 1984). Note: Cassette magazine made by David Nichols. 
10.VARIOUS ARTISTS: Melbourne Sampler 1982 -Cassette (Rampant records -RR 004 -AU 1983)
11.WRECKERY: Passion fall down -7" (Rampant records -AU 1985)


12.EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Das Auge Des Taifun VHS video (A 1993).Note: a film by Paulus Manker.
13.EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Perpetuum Mobile-Interview disc CD (Mute -Promo -UK 2004)


14.EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Stahlmusik VHS Video (GE 1981). Note: a film by Albrecht Metzger.
15.GUDRUN GUT: Jud-Gut: Toncollagen von Gudrun Gut -Cassette (23-5 Köln -GE 11/1986)
16.P1/E: Live -Cassette (Eisengrau -GE 1980)
17.VARIOUS ARTISTS: Die Berliner Krankheit-Live Oct.81 -VHS video (GE 1981). Note: A film by Klaus Maeck & Norbert Meissner.
18.VARIOUS ARTISTS: Berlin Now -VHS video (Stein Film München -GE 1985). Note: by Wolfgang Büld and Sissi Kelling.
19.VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sample and Hold-Klar!80 Sampler 2 -Cassette (Klar!80 Tapes -buhuu 11 -GE 1981.


20.JOHNNY DOWD (as NEON BAPTIST): Poverty house -Cassette (US 1994)


21.NICK CAVE: KING INK I French translation (Serpent A Plumes -First edition, not the 1998 one)
22.NICK CAVE: KING INK II Hungarian translation (ISBN953-6234-29-7 -200?)
23.NICK CAVE: AND THE ASS SAW THE ANGEL - I Magarica Ugleda Andela Croatian translation 
24.NICK CAVE: AND THE ASS SAW THE ANGEL - I Uzre Oslitsa Angela Bozhiya Russian translation (Zhurnal Inostrannaya Literatura Series -019 -RU 2001
25.NICK CAVE: AND THE ASS SAW THE ANGEL - Serbian translation (Produkcija DOM 1990)
26.LYDIA LUNCH: Grimoire Editions #1 - Lydia's 20-year Lunchtime (Booklet by Jeremy Dean) (Questing Beast -UK 1997)
27.LYDIA LUNCH: Paradoxia (Mata -CZ 1999). Note: Czech translation.
27.LYDIA LUNCH: Paradoxia (La Mascara -SP 2000). Note: Spanish translation.
28.LYDIA LUNCH: Paradoxia (Adaptec/T-ough Press -RU 2003). Note: Russian translation.
29.LYDIA LUNCH: Paradoxia (Adaptec/ACT -RU 2006).Note: Russian translation.
Wants list 2
(Regular CDs)

Below is list of items I'm looking either to buy or to trade for items from the above "For Trade" lists. Note that I need the edition (in many cases 'original recording remastered', 'enhanced', 'deluxe', 'legacy', etc..) exactly as shown. The CDs don't have to be new, but should be in excellent condition.
Inquiries or offers mail me (don't forget to remove the anti spam section).

UK/IR/US - FOLK ROCK (1963-1973):

01  Tim Buckley: Dream Letter - Live In London 1968 2CD (Manifesto 2001)       
02  Tim Buckley: Live at the Troubadour 1969 CD (Manifesto 2001)
03  Karen Dalton: In My Own Time 1971 CD (Light in the Attic 2006)
04  Leonard Cohen: Songs of Leonard Cohen remastered (Columbia 2007)
05  Leonard Cohen: Songs from a Room remastered (Columbia 2007) 
06  Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate  remastered (Columbia 2007) 
07  Nick Drake: Fruit Tree 3CD/1DVD Box set (Island 2007)
08  Nick Drake : Family Tree CD (Island 2007)
09  Gene Clark: Flying High 2CD (A&M 2002) 
10  CSNY: Deja Vu [Original Recording Remastered] 1970 CD (Warner 2002)
13  Dylan: Another Side of Bob Dylan SACD 1965 (Sony 2003)
14  Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde SACD 1968 (Sony 2003)
15  Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding SACD 1968 (Sony 2003)
16  Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vols.1-3 3CD (Columbia 2001)
17  Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vol.6: Concert at Philharmonic Hall 1964 2CD (Columbia 2004)
18  Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7: No Direction home 2CD (Columbia 2005)
19  Tim Hardin: Black Sheep Boy - An Introduction to Tim Hardin 1963-73 CD (UM3 2002)
20  Van Morrison: It's Too Late to Stop Now -Live [Original Rec. Remastered] 2CD 1974 (Universal 2008)
21  Fred Neil: The Many Sides of Fred Neil 2CD (Collector's Choice 1998) 
22  Gram Parsons: The Complete Reprise Sessions 3CD Box Set (Rhino 2006) 
23  Pentangle: Basket of Light [Original recording remastered] 1968 CD (Castle 2001)
24  Tim Rose: Tim Rose/Through Rose Coloured Glasses 1967-69 CD (BGO 1997)  
25  Neil Young: Decade 1966-1976 2CD (Warner 2002) 
26  Neil Young: Live At Massey Hall CD (Reprise 2007)  
27  V/A: Forever Changing: the Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973 5CD Box + Book (Rhino 2006)
28  V/A: The Harry Smith Project 2CD/2DVD (Rhino 2006)

UK - CLASSIC ROCK (1969-1974):

29  Syd Barrett: Barrett/the Madcap Laughs 2CD 1970 (EMI 2003)
30  Be-Bop Deluxe: Sunburst Finish CD 1976 (Harvest 1991)
31  Arthur Brown: The Crazy World CD 1970 (Polydor 1991)
32  Cream: Disraeli Gears 1968 [Deluxe Edition] Polydor 2004
33  Faces: Five Guys Walk Into a Bar... 4CDBox 197x (Rhino 2004)
34  Family: Music in a Doll's House/Family Entertainment 2CD 1970 (See For Miles 1999)
35  Elton John: Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy 1975 [Original recording remastered]CD (Mercury 1995)
36  Kinks: Arthur Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire CD (Sanctuary Midline 2004)
37  Rolling Stones: The Singles Collection [Box set] 3CD (Decca 2006)
38  Spencer Davis Group: Gimme Some Lovin' CD (Sundazed Music)
39  Stealers Wheel: Stealers Wheel CD 1973(Lemon 2004)
40  Rod Stewart: Handbags and Gladrags: the Mercury Recordings 1970-1974 2CD (Mercury 1995)

UK - GLAM ROCK & EARLY '70's (1971-1974):

41  David Bowie: Space Oddity/Hunky Dory/the Man Who Sold the World 1969-71 3CD Box Set (Emi 2003)
42  David Bowie: Aladdin Sane/Diamond Dogs 1973/74 2CD Box Set (Emi 2003)
43  Edgar Broughton Band : Edgar Broughton Band CD 1971 (Harvest 2004)
44  Brian Eno: Here Come the Warm Jets 1974 CD (Eg 2004)
45  The Groundhogs: Split: Remastered [Original recording remastered] CD 1971 (Emi 2003) 
46  Hawkwind: Space Ritual 2CD 1973 (EMI 2001)
47  Hollywood Brats: Hollywood Brats 197x (Cherry Red 2005) 
48  Mott The Hoople: All the Young Dudes [Remastered & expanded] CD 1973 (Sony 2006) 
49  Pink Fairies: Never Never Land [Remastered] CD 1971 (Polydor 2002)
50  Silverhead: 16 and Savaged CD 1973 (Repertoire 2000) 
51  V/A: Biba -Champagne & Novocaine CD (Sony 2004) 
52  V/A: Granny Takes a Trip -Conversation's Dead, Man CD (BMG 2006) 
53  V/A: Sex -Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die CD (Only Lovers Left Alive 2003) 

UK/IR - PUB ROCK/PRE PUNK (1973-1978):

54  Cockney Rebel: The Cream of Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel CD 1975 (EMI 1994)
55  Dr Feelgood: Down By the Jetty: Collector's Edition 2CD (EMI 2006)
56  Dr Feelgood: Stupidity CD 1976 (Grand 1998)
57  Ducks Deluxe: Ducks Deluxe/Taxi to the Terminal Zone 2CD 1973 (BGO 2001)
58  Ian Dury: Reasons to Be Cheerful CD 1976 (Papillon 2002)
59  Eddie & The Hot Rods: Teenage Depression (Extra Tracks) CD 1976 (Captain Oi! 2003)
60  Rory Gallagher: Irish Tour 74 - Remastered CD 1974 (Imports 1999)
61  Kilburn & The High Roads: Handsome CD 1975 (Sanctuary 2004) 
62  Kursaal Flyers: Golden Mile/Five Live Kursaals CD 1976 (Rewind  2002)
63  Lurkers: Fulham Fallout CD 1977 (Captain Oi 2003)
64  101'ers: Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Revisited) CD (Emi 2005)
65  Graham Parker & The Rumour: Heat Treatment CD 1977 (Mercury 2001)
67  V/A: Naughty Rhythms-The Best Of Pub Rock 2CD (EMI Premier 1996)  

 UK/IR/N.IR - PUNK (1976-1981):

68  The Adverts: Crossing the Red Sea (the Ultimate Edition) CD (Devil's Jukebox 2002)  
70  Damned: Damned Damned Damned: 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition 3CD Box Set (Castle 02.2007)
71  Damned: Machine Gun Etiquette [25th Anniversary Edition] CD (Big Beat 2005)
72  Eater: The Eater Chronicles 1976-2003 2CD (Anagram 2003) 
73  Vic Godard & Subway Sect: Singles Anthology CD (Motion 2005)        
74  The Ruts: The Best of the Ruts CD (EMi Gold 2005)   
75  The Sex Pistols [Box set] 3CD (Virgin 2002)   
76  Stiff Little Fingers: Inflammable Material CD (Emi 2001)
77  Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody's Heroes CD (Emi 2001)
78  UK Subs: Another Kind of Blues [26 tracks version] CD (Captain Oi 2000)     
79  The Undertones: The Singles CD Box Set (Essential 2000)
80  Wire: 154 [Remastered] CD (Harvest 2006)
81  V/A: Babylon's Burning 4CD box set (Castle 03.2007) 
82  V/A: Burning Ambitions CD (Cherry Red 1996)
83  V/A: Punk:The Jubilee 2CD (Virgin TV 2002)

UK - NEW WAVE/POST PUNK (1979-1983):

84  The Cure: Pornography [Deluxe Edition] 2CD (Polydor 2005) 
85  Durutti Column: Another Setting  CD (Factory Too 1999)
86  Echo and The Bunnymen: Crocodiles (25th Anniversary) CD (WSM 2003)
87  Echo and The Bunnymen: Heaven Up Here (25th Anniversary) CD (WSM 2003)
88  Echo and The Bunnymen: Porcupine (25th Anniversary) CD (WSM 2003)
89  Josef K: Entomology CD (Domino 2006)
90  Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures 2CD remastered/expanded (Factory/Warner Bros. Sep 2007)
91  Joy Division: Closer 2CD remastered/expanded (Factory/Warner Bros. Sep 2007)
92  Joy Division: Still 2CD remastered/expanded (Factory/Warner Bros. Sep 2007)
93  Magazine: Real Life [Original recording remastered] (Virgin 2007)
94  The Only Ones: Why Don't You Kill Yourself 2CD (Edsel 2004)
95  The Pop Group: Y [Remastered and Expanded] CD (Rhino UK 2007) 
96  Psychedelic Furs: Talk Talk Talk CD (Columbia 2002)
97  The Sound: Jeopardy CD (Renascent 2004) 
99  Mark Stewart & The Maffia: Learning To Cope With Cowardice CD (On-U/EMI 2006)


100 ABC: Lexicon of Love [Deluxe Edition] 2CD (Universal 2004)
101 Marc Almond:Torment and Toreros CD (Some Bizarre 1997)
102 Cabaret Voltaire: Red Mecca CD (Grey Area/Mute 1990) 
103 Comsat Angels: Fiction CD (Renascent 2006) 
106 Japan: Gentlemen Take Polaroids: Remastered CD (Virgin 2003) 
107 Japan: Tin Drum: Remastered 2CD (Virgin 2003)
108 OMD: Dazzle Ships CD (Virgin 1997)
109 Gary Newman & Tubeway Army: Replicas Redux-2008 Tour Edition 2CD (Beggars Banquet 2008)
110 Soft Cell: The Bedsit Tapes CD (Some Bizarre 2006)
112 Ultravox: Ultravox: Remastered CD (Island 2006) 


113 D.A.F.: D.A.F. (Best Of) CD (Virgin 1988)
116 Neu: '75 CD (Emi 2002)
117 Nico: Frozen Borderline 2CD (Rhino 2007)
119 X-Mal Deutschland: Fetish CD (4AD 1999)

US - CLASSIC ROCK (50's,60's,70's):

120 Big Star: No.1 Record/Radio City 1972/74 (Remastered) CD (Fantasy 2002)
121 Box Tops: The Best Of - Soul Deep CD (Arista 1996 or Camden 1999)
122 Johnny Burnette Trio: Rockabilly Boogie CD (Bear Family 1998)
123 J.J. Cale: Anyway The Wind Blows Anthology 2CD (Mercury 1997) 
124 Johnny Cash: The Legend 4CD (Sony 2005)
125 Johnny Cash: Personal File 2CD (BMG 2006)
126 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Cosmo's Factory CD 1970 (Fantasy 2006)
128 Bob Dylan: Blood On The Tracks SACD 1975 (Sony 2003)
129 Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vol.5: Bob Dylan Live 1975 2CD (Columbia 2002)
130 The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Deluxe [4CD Box Set] (MCA 2000)
131 Jerry Lee Lewis: The Essential Jerry Lee Lewis 2CD (Metro 2005) 
132 Elvis Presley: King of Rock'n'Roll: 50's Masters 5CD Box (RCA 1993)
133 Elvis Presley: From Nashville to Memphis: The Essential 60's Masters 5CD Box (RCA 1993)
134 Elvis Presley: Elvis (As Recorded at) Madison Square Garden CD (RCA 1992)
135 Elvis Presley: Essential 2CD (RCA 2007) 
138 Brian Wilson: Smile CD (Nonesuch 2004)
141 Neil Young: Live Rust 1978 CD (Warner 1993)
142 Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat CD (Rykodisc 2002)
143 Frank Zappa: Fillmore East CD (Rykodisc 2002)
144 Frank Zappa: Just Another Band From LA CD (Rykodisc 2002)
145 Frank Zappa: Over-Nite Sensation CD (Rykodisc 2002)
146 Frank Zappa: Apostrophe CD (Rykodisc 2002)
147 Frank Zappa: One Size Fits All CD (Rykodisc 2002)
148 The Zombies: Odessey & Oracle: 30th Anniversary Edition 1968 (Big beat 1999)

US - PSYCHEDELIA & PRE-PUNK (1965-1975):

149 Electric Eels: Their Organic Majesty's Request CD (Overground 2002)
150 Roky Erickson: I Have Always Been Here Before -Anthology 2CD (Shout Factory 2005)
151 Moby Grape: Moby Grape CD 1967 (Sundazed 2007) 
152 The Monks: Black Monk Time 1965 CD (Repertoire 2001) 
153 Vanilla Fudge: s/t CD 1968 (Rhino 1993)
154 The Red Crayola: The Parable of Arable Land/God Bless the Red Crayola 1967-1968 CD(Charly 2002)
155 V/A: Nuggets - Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 4CD Box Set (Rhino 1998)

US - NO WAVE (1977-1983):

156 Glenn Branca: "The Ascension" CD (Acute Records 2003)
160 V/A: "New York Noise" CD (Soul Jazz Records 2003)
161 V/A: "New York Noise Vol. 2" CD (Soul Jazz Records 2006)
162 V/A: "New York Noise Vol. 3" CD (Soul Jazz Records 2006)
163 V/A: TV Party: The Documentary DVD (Brinkfilm/MVD 2006)


164 Bad Brains: Banned in Dc: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs (EMI 2003)
165 Black Flag: The First Four Years CD (SST 1990)
166 Bush Tetras: Boom in the Night: Original Studio Recordings (Roir 2000)
167 Wayne County: Rock 'n' Roll Cleopatra CD (RPM 2004)
168 Cramps: Songs/Jungle/Bone 3CDBox or seperate CDs (Emi 2000/1998)
169 Crime: San Francisco's Still Doomed CD (Swami 2004)
170 Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables: Ltd Ed. 2CD (Cherry Red 2001)
171 Fugazi: 13 Songs CD (Dischord 2002) 
173 Sylvain Sylvain: Anthology: New York's a Go Go 2CD (Easy Action 2004) 
174 Talking Heads: 77 [CD + DVDA] [Original recording remastered]  (WEA 2006)
175 Tom Verlaine: Tom Verlaine CD (Virgin 2002)
176 Tom Verlaine: Dreamtime CD (Virgin 2003)
177 Tom Verlaine: Words from the Front (Virgin 2003)
178 Weirdos: We Got the Neutron Bomb CD (Frontier Records 2003)

HARD ROCK (1968-1975):

179 Aphrodite's Child: 666 2CD (1971) (Vertigo 1992) 
180 Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath CD 1969 (Sanctuarity Midline 2004) 
181 Blue Cheer:  Vincebus Eruptum + Outsideinside (Track T2/Navarre 2003)
182 Blue Oyster Cult: Tyranny and Mutation CD 1973 (Columbia 2001)
183 Alice Cooper: Love It to Death CD 1971 (Warner Brothers 2006) 
184 Kiss: Alive [Live] [Original recording remastered] 2CD 1975 (Mercury 1997) 
185 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin I: Deluxe 2CD 1969 (Atlantic 2014) 
186 Pavlov's Dog: Pampered Menial CD 1975 (Sony/CBS 2006) 


188 Thomas Dorsey: Complete Recorded Works Vol 1 CD (Document 1996) or "The Essential" 2CD (Classic Blues 2002)
189 Lee Dorsey: Great Googa Mooga 2CD (Charly 1991/7) 
190 Albert King: Live Wire/Blues Power CD 1968 [Remastered] (Stax 2001)  
191 John Mayall: Blues from Laurel Canyon CD (Decca 1989) 
192 Allen Toussaint: The Allen Toussaint Collection CD (Reprise / Wea 1991)
193 V/A: The Chess Blues-Rock Songbook 2CD (Chess 1998)
194 V/A: Chess Blues 4CD Box Set (Chess 1993)
195 V/A: Goodbye Babylon [Box set] (Dust to Digital 2004) 


196 Chet Baker: Last Great Concert-My favourite concerts Vol.1 & 2 (amd 1991)
197 Dr John: Gris-Gris 1968 CD (Rhino 1995)
198 Thelonious Monk: The Best of CD (Blue Note 1991)
199 Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus 1956 CD (Prestige 2006) 
200 Sonny Rollins: The Bridge 1962 CD (RCA 2003)
201 Sonny Rollins: Sonny Please CD (Emarcy 2007) 
202 Archie Shepp: Blase CD (Le Jazz 1994) or Kwanza CD (Impulse 1997)
203 Nina Simone: Baltimore CD (Sony Jazz 2003)
204 Nina Simone: Collection Recorded for the Colpix Label 1959-1964 (Emi Gold 2004) 
205 John Zorn: Any of the 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 1-10 CD (Tzadik 2004)


206 James Brown: Star Time 4CD Box (Polydor 2004 or Universal 2007) 
207 Funkadelic: Motor City Madness 2CD (Westbound 2003)
208 Marvin Gaye: Let's Get It On (Deluxe Edition) 2CD 1973(Universal 2001)
209 Al Green: Let's Stay Together 1971 CD (Hi 1998) 
210 Herbie Hancock: Headhunters/Sextant/Thrust 3CD Box Set (Sony Jazz 2004)
211 Isaac Hayes: Hot Buttered Soul 1969 CD [Original recording Remastered] (Stax/WEA 2001) 
212 Bettye LaVette: I've Got My Own Hell To Raise CD (Anti 2005) 
213 Curtis Mayfield: Superfly CD (1972) (Rhino Records 1997)
214 David Ruffin: The Motown Solo Albums Vol.1 2CD (Motown 2007) 
216 Bobby Womack: Check it out - The Very Best of Bobby Womack CD (Charly 2004) 
217 Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life [Original recording remastered] 2CD (Motown 2000)
218 V/A: Stax - 50th Anniversary Celebration [Box set]  2CD (Stax 2007)


219 Cristina Branco: Murmurios/Post Scriptum  2CD (L'Empreinte Digitale 2003)
220 Manu Dibango: Wakafrika CD (Bluemusic 1994)
221 Cesaria Evora: The Best of Cesaria Evora CD (BMG 2003)  
222 Ibrahim Ferrer: La Coleccion Cubana CD (Nascente 2002)
223 King Sunny Ade: King of Juju CD (Wrasse 2002)
224 Bob Marley: Burnin' (Deluxe Edition) 2CD (Universal 2004)
225 Sun Ra: Life Is Splendid CD (Total Energy 2002)
227 V/A: World Circuit Presents 2CD (World Circuit 2006) 


228 Ennio Morricone: The Mission-Soundtrack SACD (Virgin 2003 SACDV2402)
229 Elmer Bernstein : Great Composers (Varese Sarabande 1999)


230 Samuel Barber: Adagio For Strings/Bernstein Century CD (Sony Classics 1997)
231 Bernard Cocset: Bach -6 Solo Cello Suites 2CD (Alpha 2002)
233 Paganini: Violin Concertos (by Sir Yehudi Menuhin) CD (References 1996)
234 Mstislav Rostropovich: Bach -Cello Suites 2CD (EMI 1995)
236 Giacinto Scelsi: The Orchestral Works 2 CD (Mode 2007)
237 Stravinsky: Rite of Spring (Conductor: Leonard Bernstein) CD (Sony Classics 1994)


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