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Dirty Three

(April 1992 - 2012: Melbourne -Chicago -Paris -Brooklyn)

Videography: a chronological overview of all TV broadcasts and official videos releases. 
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TV broadcasts

RECOVERY -ABC TV (13-Dec-97)

Recovery 13-Dec-97 RECOVERY -ABC TV

Tracklist: Authentic Celestial Music + interview with Warren Ellis.

Notes: (7 mins). Australian TV. Recorded and broadcast on the Saturday morning "Recovery" show on 13-Dec-97. Not released on video.

Photo: Screen capture.

RECOVERY -ABC TV (02-May-98)

Recovery 02-May-98 RECOVERY -ABC TV

Tracklist: Sirena/ Deep Waters + interview with Warren Ellis.

Notes: (13 mins). Australian TV. Recorded and broadcast on the Saturday morning "Recovery" show on 02-May-98. Not released on video. Not to be confused with the "Ocean Songs" DVD (Bella Union) recorded on 01-May-98.

Photo: Screen capture.

Official videos



Tracklist: Indian Love Song/ Better Go Home/ Dirty Equation/ interview.

Note: (5 mins). Released by record label as promo to retailers. Excerpts of 3 songs, performed live in a house.

  • Shock (AU,1994) VHS-PAL

1000 MILES - VIDEO FILM (2007)

1000 Miles -front 1000 MILES

Content: Feature-length tour film on the Australian band's October 2000 and May 2003 North American tours. Shot entirely on the west coast of Canada and the United States, the film includes numerous live performances by the Dirty Three, interviews with the fans of Dirty Three, but transcends the tour film genre, ultimately providing a cinematic mediation on the nature and moods of touring itself: landscape, geography, time and the road. Shot by Jeremy Medoff and Braden King. Live recording by Joe Ferguson and Michael Krassner. Edited by Braden King and Ian Williams in 2001.

Note: Many release dates had been scheduled between 2002 and 2006, but sadly it was never released.

  • Truckstop Media (US)


Dirty Three Ocean Songs -front OCEAN SONGS (DVD)

Tracklist: Last Horse On The Sand/ Distant Shore/ Authentic Celestial Music/ Sue's Last Ride/ Deep Waters.

Recording info: filmed at Recovery, ABC TV, Melbourne (AU) 01-May-98,broadcast @ Studio 22 on 23-Sep-99.

Note: (51 mins). Bonus DVD with limited edition CD release of "Ocean Songs" album.

  • Bella Union -BELLACD3X (UK,13-Oct-05) CD/DVD. Ltd to 500.

Dirty Three Ocean Songs -back


Dirty Three DVD -front THE DIRTY THREE (2DVD)

Tracklist: DVD1: interviews (with Nick Cave, Steve Albini, Tim Pittman, Ed Kuepper, Bobby Gillespie, Mick Harvey, Chan Marshall, Delphine Ciampi, Alexandre Pierrepont, Noah Taylor, Will Oldham and many more) and live clips (1994-2006).

DVD2: Flutter/ Amy/ The Zither Player/ Hope/ Sea Above Sky Below/ Everything's Fucked/ Sue's Last Ride/ Epic/ Last Night.

Recording info: DVD1: live clips filmed @ Meredith festival (AU) on 10/11-Dec-94; the Corner Hotel,Melbourne (AU) on 10-Feb-96; Link,Bologna (IT) 24-Apr-96; Metro,Sydney (AU) on 27-Dec-96; the Doghouse, Hobart (AU) 0x-Jan-97; the Rhythmboat,Sydney (AU) 13-Apr-98; The Mermaid Lounge, New Orleans (US) 24-May-98; The Mercury Paw,Louisville (US) 28-May-98; Meredith festival (AU) on 11-Dec-04; Barbican Hall,London (UK) on 05-Oct-05; the O-Nest, Shibuya-Tokyo (JP) on 28-Jun-06; and more..;

DVD2: full concert filmed @ the O-Nest, Shibuya-Tokyo (JP) on 28-Jun-06. Director of photography Ben Wilward-Bason. Sound recorded by Satoru Fujii, produced and mixed by Casey Rice and Mick Turner.

Note: Documentary directed by Darcy Maine.
DVD1 (104 mins) + DVD2 (86mins).

  • Taiyo/Madman -MMA2660 (AU,08-Nov-07) DVD-PAL

Dirty Three DVD -back


V/A: THE EYE - Volume 002 (22-Mar-04)

The Eye Vol2 DVD -front THE EYE - Volume 002 -VIDEO (DVD-R)

Tracklist: Dirty Three: "Love Is An Organizational Nightmare" (31mins)/ Angels of Light with Devendra Banhart: "Darkness Into Light" (27mins)/ Kinski: "Vengeanance Is A Dish Served Cold" (21mins)/ Hrvatski-Keith Fullerton Whitman: "A Match Of Whits" (20mins)/ Charles Atlas: "The Man With The World On His Shoulders" (14mins).

Recording info: Dirty Three part recorded live @ The Middle East, Cambridge (US) on April 9th, 2003. With Zak Sally [Low] on bass.
Jon Whitney has a very open interview with Warren Ellis.

Note: About half live, half interview. Great stuff.

  • Brainwashed - EYE002 (US,22-Mar-04) DVD-R NTSC

The Eye Vol2 DVD -back


Woodford DVD -front V/A: WOODFORD 0506 FOLK FESTIVAL (DVD)

Tracklist: The Dirty Three: Sue's Last Ride (13mins)/ + Blue King Brown, Bomba, dva, Eric Bibb, Kafka Kooii, Lior, Mal Webb, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Pete Murray, The Cat Empire, The Herd, That one Guy.

Recording info: Dirty Three recorded live on 29-Dec-2005 @ Woodford, Folk Festival (AU).

Note: Live clips from 2005-2006 editions of the festival. Comprising 20 individual vignettes, set against the backdrop of the Glass House Mountains. The Woodford Folk Festival is an event of international standing, held over six days and six nights it presents more than 2000 performers and 400 events with concerts, dances, workshops, forums, street theatre, writers' panels, film festival, comedy sessions, acoustic jams, social dialogue and debate, an entire children's festival, art and craft workshops, late night cabarets and special events including a spectacular fire event. (140mins)

  • Browndog/Artfilms Ltd - BRO-Wood6 (AU,2006) DVD-PAL

Woodford DVD -back



Tracklist: The Dirty Three: Everything's Fucked/ Beasts Of Bourbon: The Low Road/ Spencer Jones/ and many more.

Recording info: Dirty Three recorded live on 11-Dec-2004 @ Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre (AU).

Note: Live clips from 1993-2005, with several interviews. Directed by Robert McCafferty. From 1991 to 2005, the annual Meredith Music Festival has grown from a small party in rural Victoria into a unique and beloved music festival. “A Weekend In The Country” tells the amazing story of the Meredith Music Festival, a music festival like no other. Narrated by the festival organisers and Jack and Mary Nolan (the farming couple who own the land) the documentary uses archival footage drawn from home videos, film crews, personal photos, TV footage, and super 8 diaries to show how the festival took on a life of its own and grew over the past 15 years. (118 mins).

  • Madman -MMA2266 (AU,11-Oct-06) DVD-PAL

Meredith DVD -back


Sticky DVD -front V/A: STICKY CARPET (DVD)

Tracklist: The Dirty Three: 1000 Miles/ interview with Rowland S.Howard/ and many more.

Recording info: Dirty Three recorded live at the Beat Orgy program on 10-Dec-2004 @ PBS FM-Radio (AU).

Note: (75+70 mins). A documentary made by Mark Butcher about the Melbourne independent music scene. Interviews with musicians currently leading the charge, today’s sonic explorers such as Robin Fox and Rod Cooper, and Melbourne scene stalwarts including Ross Knight (Cosmic Psychos), Bruce Milne (founder of Au-Go-Go Records, In-Fidelity Records) and Rowland S. Howard (Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party). Live performance footage comes from the likes of The Dirty Three, The Stabs, Bored!, I Spit on your Gravy, The Sailors, Love of Diagrams, Pisschrist and many more.

  • Siren Visual -SVE0540 (AU,08-Mar-07) DVD-PAL

Sticky DVD -back


All Tomorrows Parties DVD -front V/A: ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES (DVD)

Tracklist: Dirty Three/ Grinderman/ Iggy and the Stooges/ Belle And Sebastian/ Grizzly Bear/ Sonic Youth/ Battles/ Portishead/ Daniel Johnston/ Lightning Bolt/ David Cross/ Animal Collective/ The Boredoms/ Les Savy Fav/ Mogwai/ Octopus Project/ Slint/ / the Yeah Yeah Yeahs/ the Gossip/ GZA/ Roscoe Mitchell/ Seasick Stev / A Hawk and a Hacksaw/ Fuck Buttons/ Micah P Hinson/ Two Gallants/ Mars Volta/ Akron/Family/ Jah Shaka/ Saul Williams/ Shellac/ Patti Smith/ John Cooper Clark.
Extra: over 50 mins of full length performance songs, with commentary from ATP promoters Barry Hogan and Deborah Kee Higgins.

Recording info: All tracks filmed at the ATP festival @ Butlin's Holiday Centre,Minehead (UK). Dirty Three filmed on 27/29-Apr-07.

Note: Includes 40 page full colour booklet, including 10 years of ATP artwork and programme introductions.

  • ATP - (UK,16-Nov-09) DVD-PAL
  • ATP - (UK,16-Nov-09) DVD-NTSC

All Tomorrows Parties DVD -back


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