The Birthday Party

(London 1st March 1980 - August 1983)

 Concert photos of the Australian band The Birthday Party. Please
DON'T redistribute these photos without permission.

London-Kensington,Royal College Of Arts on 2x-Aug-81
[with Blurt]

London 2x-Aug-81
Rowland in a trance.

London 2x-Aug-81
Nick and Rowland.

London 2x-Aug-81
Nick Cave.

London 2x-Aug-81
Nick in a dance.

All photos @ the Royal College Of Arts credit by Chris Slane. Used with kind permission.

London, Polytechnic of North London on 23-Oct-81
[with The Pinkies + TC Matic]

London 23-Oct-81
Ad taken from UK mag October 1981.

Nick Cave, 23-Oct-81
Nick Cave on stage

Nick Cave, 23-Oct-81
Note the cigarette burn on Nick's right hand.

Nick Cave, 23-Oct-81
Nick strikes an 'Iggy' pose.

Tracy Pew, Mick Harvey, Nick Cave, 23-Oct-81
Tracy falling over backwards.

Tracy Pew, Mick Harvey, 23-Oct-81
Tracy Pew and Mick Harvey.

Nick Cave, Mick Harvey 23-Oct-81
Nick Cave and Mick Harvey (hidden).

Phillip Calvert, 23-Oct-81
Sitting on the drum riser are Gareth Sager
and (the late) Sean Oliver from Rip Rig And Panic.

Nick Cave, Phillip Calvert and Tracy Pew 23-Oct-81
And where's Rowland?

All photos @ the Polytech credit by Steve Makin.

GE Bremen,Aladin
[with Die Haut and Lydia Lunch & Rowland S.Howard]

Nick and Tracy 01-Jul-82
Nick Cave and Tracy Pew

Nick Cave 01-Jul-82
Nick Cave

Nick Cave 01-Jul-82
Nick Cave

Tracy 01-Jul-82
Tracy Pew

Rowland 01-Jul-82
Rowland S.Howard

Nick and Lydia 01-Jul-82
Nick Cave and Lydia Lunch doing "Funhouse"

All photos @ the Aladin credit Wolfgang Wiggers. Used with kind permission.

NZ Palmerston North,Massey University
[with The Marching Girls]

Tracy, Des, Nick 05-May-83
Tracy Pew, Des Heffner, Nick Cave

Nick Cave 05-May-83
Nick Cave

Nick Cave 05-May-83
Nick Cave

Nick Cave 05-May-83
Nick Cave backstage

Nick and Tracy 05-May-83
Nick Cave and Tracy Pew backstage

Brian Colechin 05-May-83
Brian Colechin (then together with Des Heffner in The Marching Girls)

All photos @ the Massey University credit Bruce Maunsell. Used with kind permission.


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