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The Obsessions

(March-September 1977: Melbourne)
The Obsessions 1977
 Simon McLean, Rowland S. Howard and Graham Pitt 1977. Photo credit: Bruce Milne.

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1977. Rowland, aged 18, attends Prahran Technical Art & Design School and forms The Obsessions with ex-Tootho members Graham Pitt [ex- Antennae & the TV Kids, later The Fiction] and Simon McLean, Rob Wellington [later The Fiction, International Exiles and Little Murders] and various drummers.

Line-up (Melbourne March-September 1977):
Simon McLean [a.k.a. Simon Fiction] (vocals)/ Graham Pitt [a.k.a. Peter Doubt] (bass)/ Rowland S. Howard (guitar/vocals)/ Rob Wellington (guitar) and Peter (no relation to Nick) Cave or (sometimes) John Murphy (drums).

Lots of rehearsals. Songs written: "Have You Got the Time?", "Party Games", "Video", Taste My Blood". Covers: "Steppin' Stone" [The Monkees], "You Don't Own Me" [Lesley Gore].

AU Melbourne-Camberwell,Janet Austin's place,private party
[with The Reals & The Boys Next Door]

Note: Their only(?) gig. Together with Bruce Milne and Clinton Walker, Janet Austin ran "Pulp" punk fanzine.

Hawthorn 19-Aug-77

AU Melbourne-Hawthorn,Swinburne Technical University/College,Ethel Hall
[with The Reals & The Boys Next Door]

Flyer: Scan of flyer. Another flyer, reproduced in the booklet accompanying the "Inner City Sound" 2CD (Laughing Outlaw Records 2005).

Note: The Obsessions pulled out at the last minute because they could not find a drummer. They were replaced by The Babeez (later to become The News). Organised by Bruce Milne (then DJ at Swinburne Uni 3SW student radio). Rowland meets Ian 'Ollie' Olsen [The Reals] at the gig.

Obessions ad

September 1977
AU Melbourne

Note: Rowland leaves the band and forms The Young Charlatans with Ian 'Ollie' Olsen [The Reals]. Graham Pitt tries to continue with the band and places an ad looking for a guitarist and bassist.

Ad: From Bruce Milne and Clinton Walker's "Pulp" fanzine issue #3/4 (February 1978).

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